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Seamus Heaney

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Added by: Xenos
Just read this poem and gotta say 1 of the things strikes me is the idea of freedom, the freedom for Heaney to become a poet despite his family al;l being farmers. Also to go against the masculine creer and make his own way. Heaney is a fairly average poet; some good stuff some bad stuff and some i wouldn't grace by using as toilet paper.
how sad
Added by: Cindy
so this person says to be a big fan yet seems to be completely unaware of the fact that he has spelt the mans name wrong for god sake its Seamus Heaney yes with a e in between the n and the y. I understand it is important to love the writting itself and not be fond of the writting becaue of the witter but then again i could only imagine it would be nice to not be completely ignorant to his name...
Any how his best work as many have come to agree is his use of elegy.
Heaney for GCSE
Added by: marc's about to fail literature
Whilst you can (and have, several times) argued that Heaney poems like Digging and At A Potato Digging are lyrically beautiful, and deep, I feel that intellectual snobbery aside, in my opinion it's a lot easier to write about a poem which you can relate to. Asking urban teenagers to relate to the beauty of potato farming is too much. Back to revision for me.
Ps. I'd just like to mention that Mid-Term Break, and poems like The Field-Mouse by Gillian Clarke, along with a good english teacher have really turned me on to poems as an art form. Wish me luck.
Well written but the subject is dull.
Added by: DM
I don't think it's awfully written, but it does bore me. I mean he's a good poet and this is well written, but I couldn't care less about the way that Heaney has chosen the path of white collar work instead of the blue collar path his father and forefathers took. Yes, it's well written, but the subject is boring.
Added by: sarah
I am 17 and doing a TEE in Australia and even though I was "forced" to study Seamus Heaney, I have found it an honour. Given, "Digging" is not my favourite of his(I much prefer "Punishment", "Anahorish", and "Casualty")but you can not merely label his poetry as "dull", "boring", "crap". It makes you appear immature, uneducated and ironically dull yourself. Instead try to think of CONSTRUCTIVE critisism. I perosnally think Seamus Heaney is a master of language.
Added by: SB
I am an English major and I do not enjoy Seamus Heaneys poems. I have found an appreciation for them. I can see the admiration and respect he has for his family. I could hear the spade as I read the poem and it reminded me of my own father and the gardening we used to do. So, even though I do not enjoy his writting, I have a new found appreciation for it.
Good Lord, This Was Boring
Added by: AMO
I am in year nine and have just started studying this poem along with other Heaney poetry, only to find that I will be forced to do a collection of some of the most jaw droppingly tedious poems I have ever read for part of my GCSE syllabus. I understand the imagery, personification, onomatopoeia and all the other poetic techniques he uses,but to be perfectly frank, this poem was tiresome and dreary and I would not recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting poem.
Added by: laurance brace
today i had a cup of tea with my teddy bears while reading this poem, it is delightful as was my english breakfast tea. this peom is my best friend. daddy gets in the mood when i read this to him. it feels nice
This poem is junk
Added by: Reem shamshudoha
Well hello guys......this peom is absolutle junk....see how emphasize on the word junk....i mean 'shamus' has a couple of good poems but for gods sake who gives a crap about digging rotten potatoes in ireland. dig potatoes keep it to urself but then again write a damn poem abt it...god thats the limit...so the next time i go n dig for worms in my garden...shud i write a friggin poem????? seamus...u suck....

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