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Seamus Heaney

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Added by: Brian
For those who are criticising Mr.Heaney....The poem is i believe very closely related to his own story. I want those of you who argue that this poem is dull to think. When was the last time you alone went against your family or friends?
This poem isn't about digging grounds.... I can go do that anyday. I'm a student and a reader. Please do not try to impose your personal abstract on others.
Added by: Nick Blair
Digging is one of my favorite activities and i am happy that a poem has been given that title. There is no doubt that Heaney is a genius as the titles of his poems are so simple BUT PERFECT.
Seamus Heaney
Added by: Saguna
In school, we had to choose a poet of our choice and I chose seamus heaney. He is a superb poet and brings out the feelings inside him very nicely. He writes with great enthusiasm and he varies his style of writing in his poem. Even though i am only in year 8, i find his poems quite easy to understand and analyse.
To the critics
Added by: Ruth
To all those critics - I for one would be much more inclined to consider your side of the story if you would only spell everything correctly, even bother to spell Heaney's name correctly. It shows that not only do you pay attention to what you read and take it seriously (thereby giving your criticisms - and praises! - more integrity), you pay attention to what you are writing/saying. I'm just another schoolkid studying Heaney for English Literature, I have been doing so for only 2 weeks so I haven't really formed my own opinion on his work yet, but let me tell you, whatever you have to say sounds a lot more convincing if you at least spell it right.
Added by: Jess
As a yr 12 literature student I am required to read a wide range of poetry. I have read many poems-some I like other just didnt appeal to me and yet I do not believe I have the right to tell a person to stop doing what they love. For all of those people above who criticised Heaney I think you should have a serious reconcideration. You have no right to say such thoughtless remarks. Like my Mum use to say "If you havent got anything nice to say keep your trap shut!"
all poems have meanings
Added by: keila
well as others have said i have to do an essay on this and this is exceptional to me peom are a way to express sumthing but it means some thing different for each person...i love this poem and the way he admires his land but most of alll his father
Added by: Kels Birmingham
It is very sad to see the things some people have written about another human being let alone an amazing poet (in my opinion at least). I live in the U.S. and am 16-years-old and I was first told about Mr. Seamus Heaney by my english teacher for a project we are doing on poets and their poetry. I am exremely Irish almost 100% and after saving money i was able to visit Ireland this fall with some of my family for a week long visit. I am not sure how many people here have been to Ireland or have relatives either that still live there or had to leave their homeland just so they wouldnt starve to death, but I have all three. We still write letters back and forth to my family and let me tell you the potato famine was a terrible time in history just as any disaster is that results in the loss of any human life. As for the poem itself it deeply touched me that he who was so seemingly rooted to family was brave enough to step out of what was exspected of him. I think that was very brave of him and I will admit that I am not sure that I would ever be able to do that. "Digging" outlines two things that tend to be very important to the Irish, family and farming (if you get the chance to even just ride through Ireland's farmland sometime in your lifetime please take it. It is the most beutiful thing i have ever seen especially after it stops raining you can see a million rainbows, but unfortuantly no pots of gold sorry.) Please think about how you would feel if someone was writting some of these statements about something you did and that you cared about before you write them.
Added by: michael
Right, here. I dislike the poem; most of Heaney's. Not because of the content, not because I'm a sixteen year old who would rather analyse crappy pop lyrics (Leonard Cohen for me!), but because there is easily room for dislike. Perhaps those who are saying "Oh, I love it!" without providing any justification should be just as ridiculed as those who say they don't like it. Though those who say they don't like it and cite the irrelevance of the potato famine et al. are fools in themselves. I don't like Heaney because he strikes me as overly wistful, pointlessly sensual (there is a point at which I feel he is simply thinking of each sense and what arbitrary adjective he could use to summarise it). I understand that people like it, but I can't see why. There are, to me, many better poets, many better poems. Being forced to study Heaney isn't really relevant: we were forced to study Friel's Translations and I still enjoyed it immensely, forced to study Gwen Harwood and I still enjoy her. I dislike Heaney because of his nature and style, not arbitrarily. I understand his work, I just don't like it. Fair? Yes. Exceedingly. So stop assuming that liking without reason is somehow better than disliking without reason. They're pretty much to be equally abhorred.
who are you to judge?
Added by: Shilah
I'm frustrated by the comments saying that this poem is disgusting, or that even if you have had experience with poetry (at 54 years of age or whatever) that you could despise a poem so much. Have you read Heaney's history? This poem, "Digging," connects Heaney with his past. If you knew anything about Ireland, pride, and Heaney's history, you would be intelligent enough to see that this poem is brilliant because there is nothing about Heaney that is "on the surface" per se. It's not about potato famines. It's about a history, pride, choosing to dig with words rather than a spade, but still having respect for the men who can craft with their tools outside. Instead, Heaney is saying he will choose to use his pen "snug as a gun" in a sense of power. He parallels the word "digging" with not just the mechanical form of digging, but rather, digging into his past, culture, memories, etc. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can't read a poem and say, "Oh, I hate reading about potato famines. Who cares?" My dear, there is more to it than you would ever know--such is life. Nothing is on the surface. We are all deep, and Heaney and his works aren't excluded from it.
As for the elder who is "experienced" with poetry and "would never recommend this poem to anyone," well, all I ask is, who are you? really? Did we ask you to recommend it? Are you a poetic scholar? Hm? I think you are much like a child who says she hates reading about potato famine in the fact that both of you seem quite incompetent. Maybe I am, too, for replying to your comments, but I felt moved enough to defend a man who is Nobel prize winner for his works, and to have people criticizing him with no valid arguement is so ridiculous that I couldn't let it slide.
Heaney is beautiful. "Digging" is a craft. and that's all I have to say about that.
Added by: Sarah
I don't quiet understand how some people find this poem dull or boring. Obvioulsy these are people that are fairl narrow-minded without much literary backgrounds. From the comments i have already read on this website, most of the people are teenagers, most likely having to do Heaney for their school class...dont worry im one of those kids too, year 12 in OZ. Yet this poem is relevant to us, how many of you guys have parents expectations to live up to? Brothers/Sisters who have set the bar high? I know i have, yet Heaney helps me to understand that everyone is different, you can feel guilty, discourgaed, even hurt, but only you know what you want to do in life, and everyone has a different path where your the one that puts the bricks down. Heaneys poem 'Digging' only elaborates this point, it isnt about digging up the turf for potatoes, its about his culture and how he is different, just like all of us. I hope you guys can open up your minds to what is truely amazing poetry.

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