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Seamus Heaney

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why they don't dig it......
Added by: sam mcelroy
I have no idea who will ever read what I am about to write, but if you are around 16 years old and are receptive to the words of an irishman roughly twice your age, then read on.

Modern, urban England is a place where kids grow up without a sense of landscape, without a view beyond the obscuring shopping malls and sprawling industrial estates. Heaney had a view, and in it he recognised the beauty in simplicity, in the small details. He had a sense of reverence for man's connection with the earth upon which he treads every day.
He knew the soft texture of the peat bog, the noises and squelches of boot and spade. Some day I hope you, the teenager who is reading these words, will ask your parents to take you somewhere wild, maybe to the edge of the 400 feet cliffs of the Arran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, or maybe to a mountain top in the Alps, who knows? And when they do, or if one day you do it for yourself, you will open your eyes, your lungs, your heart, the very centre of your humanity and take a big deep breath. And another, and another.

Only then will you begin to understand Heaney, if it isn't to late.

And you'll never want to look
so called "critics"
Added by: Ippus
Are youe ven critics?
So far the only critisism I hear is of Seamus heaney's poems being BORING and DULL. It's childish and stupid way of looking at a poem.
I once believed poems in general were boring. I now take it back, for I like Seamus Heaney's poems which convey so much in such short amount of text. And the 50 yr old person! You haven't given any valid reasons for critisizing! All you say is dat it's a shame to POEMS. Geez like really people read the texts well, find the proper meanign THEN come and post, for Digging is not about Heaney's instructions on how to dig the frekkin floor!
Digging is about his separate paths from his family's traditional work, and his admiration for his father when he was younger. If you look at simply the outside of the poem it's crap, boring, whatever you wanna say. But if you look deeper, there's a sense of guilt in the poem. Heaney likes his job, however he feels that sense of guilt that he has not followed his father whome he so admired.
Added by: Carolyn
I'm 17 years old, and I for one have really liked all the Seamus Heaney poems I've read. His use of descriptive language is exquisite (for example, this poem and Blackberry-Picking), and his poems have depth and meaning -- no light bits of fluff for Mr. Heaney. I personally greatly appreciate that he writes about themes that you don't see everywhere, though I can certainly see why most teenagers wouldn't. After all, why would you desire to read something that doesn't literally apply to every teensy aspect of your life?? (SARCASM.) I'm really glad we studied Seamus Heaney in school, because I don't know if I'd have heard of him otherwise and that would have been a shame.

I just wanted to write to let all of you know that there are *some* teenagers who don't hate Seamus Heaney just because his themes aren't "modern" or whatever else.
To All Those Self-esteem Crushers:
Added by: Kate
Just because you dislike the subject matter of a poem and found it dull, does not mean it actually is, and if a person does enjoy this poem, it doesn't mean they 'have no taste'! How do you think Mr. Heaney would feel if he were to read a comment saying, 'Stop writing, put down the pen'? I'm an amateur poet myself, if someone were to say that to me I would be crushed, and I'd never dare write anything of the like again, even though in the future as I grow older I may even actually start writing poetry that critics may like! I think that Digging is a great poem, and that if you want to read it, go on ahead, and if you don't, or you do and you dislike it . . . well, that's too bad for you.
Added by: M.S. Clifton
If you are looking to read the same type of flowery, dramatic, monothematic poetry that you've always read, then you might consider passing up Heaney. However, an open mind and a variety of interests are well served by study and contemplation of his work. Heaney's poetry, exemplified here in "Digging," is not an up front statement about this or that but a subtle nudging toward deeper consideration for his words and what they represent. To simply scan his poetry without contemplation of it robs the poem of its worth and you of a valid, valuable opinion. I couldn't care less whether any of you like Sheaney's work, but you owe it to yourselves to devote some time and thought to developing an objective and academic opinion (not a snap-second judgement.) Quick comments only make you sound ignorant.
Added by: Meep
Wow, theres some very thoughtful things going on here, it made me think more about Heany, thanks, i'm sure i'll understand better in 3 days time =/
Added by: niv
seamus heaney - this poem is quite bad, but it is true, if you look further into the poem, then it is qutie good. Though the funny thing is, I 'wrote' this poem, and showed one of my parents. They thought it was appauling. Then I showed the other parent the poem, which was written by Seamus Heaney. They thought it was good, and picked out things which were good.
THe thing I'm saying is that just because its popular and famous, everyone picks gd stuff out of it and thinks its brilliant. But if a normal 12 year old did it, it wouldn't get too high. Next time dont listen to others - realise your own beliefs of the poem
Seamus Heaney's Poetry
Added by: Lucy Owen
I believe Heaney's poetry to be very well written- i do not however, understand why so many other people on this message board around my age bracket are so against Heaney's work. It is in my opinion that students today are against any poet set by the teacher. There seems to be no end to the picking apart of such great pieces such as "Digging," "Blackberry Picking" and "Limbo," which really deal with contentious issues of the time. It seems to me that people are forgetting that these poems were written in the mid 1900's, and not today.

Ok, i've finished rambling, but i'd just like to say that i think Heaney is an amazing poet who's work has encouraged me to read more of his work, whether set by a teacher or not!
Added by: Elle
I doubt anyone will read this anyway - seeing as it's so far into the comments - but I thought I'd let y'all know what I think anyway *grins*.

Plain and simple, I think this poem is good. The first time I read it I was moved, but it's such a pity that now - because of IGCSE - I've read and analysed it so many times that it is just more words I have to memorise.

What I love about this poem is that it really gives you an insight into the mind of Heaney. Others in this collection are from his point of view or contain his history, but none seem to capture his spirit and emotion as much as this one does.

Regarding the other posts for this poem:
~YES! GCSE's are the enemy!!
~If you took the time to study Linkin Park lyrics they really do contain alot of meaning and I think youo'd find most teenagers can relate to them at some time.
Rubbish collecter
Added by: bon
Basically Heaney is trying to sell spades for gardners, although the actual spades are good for digging it is not value for money why do you think Heanys dad only digs potatoes
( because their is no chip shops in Irelend). AND Heaney theres no ball pen out yet that can dig! so stick to Parkers

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