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Philip Larkin

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Added by: AB
poetry is there firstly, above anything else, to enjoy, just like dancing, art and films.
all poets have a reason and stimulus behind writing any poem, or maybe they don't. maybe sometimes they just sit down and start writing and whatever comes, comes. they may even go back and change things later because they prefer the verse to sound a different way to how it originally began.
as many people have already said different people will interperet poems in different ways and find differents 'meanings' behind them. that is why people write essays and anaylise, to convey their opinions to other people and to hear other people's interpretations.
it would be worrying and a waste of time if nobody had any opinions or thoughts on poetry, art, films or dancing.
maybe one day we should all sit down and write some poems of our own and get people to anyalse and discuss them. it would be interesting to see if what they think of it and what it means is the same as what we felt at the time of writing it.
AB* x-x-x
Added by: Mark Griffith
'traffic' in the last stanza should have a double f.

The poem is about our fear of the finality of death, not about "how our society only takes notice of people when it is too late".

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