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Philip Larkin

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Added by: Alison
May I draw your attention to the line "They whisper at their own distress"? This poem links the "wild white face" with the witnesses. Yet the latter show limited sympathy. What they care is only their own death. Isn't it sad to see such alienation among people?

Fortunately, here is Larkin writing this poem. Here the entire human race is concerned :)
Added by: nevermind
this poem Ambulances seemed actually really difficult to unerstand..especially the translation..I did not catch some ideas..
am I dead?
Added by: TiredJames
I sit at my sterile, ergonomic computer chair and am horrified, in such domestic bliss, to find myself unaffected by Larkin's 'Ambulance', perhaps I am one of the belligerent few who whispered "Poor Soul", not in reference to the dying, but the monotonal, predictable quality of my own suburban-life.
Added by: alexx
We don't die like we used to.
for leane
Added by: karthik
a work of art, once created, acquires a life of its own-much like a child the moment the umblical chord is cut. the beauty of art is that it grows in depth and meaning with the growth in interpretation. for all you know jim morrisson had no idea what the fuck he wrote abt...... but we do...... and thats what matters to us....
Added by: Sumon
A nice work by Philip Larkin. Our hypocracy is greatly criticized in this poem. We think about our death only for a moment ,when we see an "Ambulance". But after a few seconds we forgot about the matter.
Added by: John Boy
Well guys, I can see you're all having fun. I'm not a particularly big fan of Larkin, his style seems to grate on me quite alot, but examiners seem to like it, so I may aswell write about him.

Anyhoo, I'm just gonna take all your wee opinions that seem to have made any sense or had any relivancy to the poem and steal 'em. Then I'm gonna warp them into a muddled ball of randomness and string it out over a page in ink form.
"All in the space of 45 minutes?" I hear you ask? No! I'm gonna do it in 20.


Thanks guys

Interpretation of Larkin's poems
Added by: Walker
One very famous quite from Larkin, which unfortunately I don't know off the top of my head, states that he wished his poetry would never be studied in a student-lecturer format. He hated the idea of people thinking he had written his poems with one intended interpretation, which is why he despised the idea of lecturers so much-- he didn't wish them to 'tell' people what the 'correct' meaning or significance of a certain line was; he wanted any individual to take away any interpretation of his poetry that he wanted. He believed that would be the factor which credited his poems with a sense of immortality, not through the limitations of a text book study guide.
"he didnt have a good life, (although he made it t
Added by: Abel
I am sorry to jump on the band waggon but what Leanne wrote about Larkin's life seems to be without substance (like some of her other observations). On the contrary, Larkin did not think his life (and in particularly his childhood) was miserable. When asked by the 'Observer' he said Oh, Ive completely forgotten it. Although it may not have been a joyful experience, it did not leave him scarred and bitter. It gave him an interesting out look on life which combined with his genius, enabled him to express his views on human life in a way which stirs feelings in his readers. From reading these comments, you can tell that many people have the same proccupation with death and our identity as people. Larkin is different because he can articulate these feelings. MOST of your comments have been really useful and insightful, nice one guys.
Added by: AB
poetry is there firstly, above anything else, to enjoy, just like dancing, art and films.
all poets have a reason and stimulus behind writing any poem, or maybe they don't. maybe sometimes they just sit down and start writing and whatever comes, comes. they may even go back and change things later because they prefer the verse to sound a different way to how it originally began.
as many people have already said different people will interperet poems in different ways and find differents 'meanings' behind them. that is why people write essays and anaylise, to convey their opinions to other people and to hear other people's interpretations.
it would be worrying and a waste of time if nobody had any opinions or thoughts on poetry, art, films or dancing.
maybe one day we should all sit down and write some poems of our own and get people to anyalse and discuss them. it would be interesting to see if what they think of it and what it means is the same as what we felt at the time of writing it.
AB* x-x-x

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