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Philip Larkin

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here we go again...
Added by: leanne white
in reply to charlie;
i am also studying Larkin for my As levels going towards my A levels and i have to say, did you ever stop and think that Larkin did mot intend to write his poetry for A level students to study? you can interpret any poem however you like but the real meaning lies in the way Larkin wrote it. You do not know what mood Larkin was in or what he was going throughto influence him to write his poem. Maybe he wrote them for fun, not for there to be a meaning because from what i heard he didnt have a good life, (although he made it that way.) so maybe he just wrote them to make it better for himself. Like you said, maybe your right, or maybe i am. Who will ever know? The man is dead.
Added by: rizwan
I think Ambulances is about Irony;the romantic irony; the blance between self-creation and self -destruction.Ambulance is an ironical link between the poet and the reader.
for leanne
Added by: charlie
you have no right to say how we should see poems. no one has, not even Larkin. As soon as you write something, anything, its up to the reader to interpret it in the way that they want to. These comments are to help discuss meanings you think are personal to yourself to help other critics, not deny that there is a meaning. What Larkin really meant has no significance because as soon as he wrote Ambulances he lost all control, whatever he would have told us it was about wouldnt help, because you have already formed an opinion. if you're not prepared to realise this then i'm sorry but you'll fail!
Added by: clare
Larkins did not write his poems so that they could be argued over by attention seeking twits, he wrote them for whatever reason-we will never no! I must say that there are strong connotations to death in his poem which I enjoy exploring.So just enjoy the poem and think what you like! Larkin fan Clare xox
Like education system's crap u kno?
Added by: Poalo Sosa
Leanne and Charlie emphasize why english studies suck in general. Charlie writes 'I doubt my examiner will apreciate me writing that!' and she's right. Because examiners want you to 'lie in bed awake at night searching your brains for a meaning that wasn't there to make yourselves look intelligent'
When really analysing this poem has no worth except maybe passing some time thinking about big concepts stuck in this little bit of beautiful language. But then Charlie enjoys that so shes gonna get a good mark for making everything more complex than it has to be. Go her. Leanne I sympathise with you though, if only like me you didnt do english. Haha.
Added by: mike
With reference to the other AS students who have added to this debate, i think donald hall's assesment of larkin should be considered. He stated "The fear of dying, daily companion of many, found its Dante, Homer and Milton in Larkin." In my opinion the poem taks about the randomness of life, how we are bound by one eventuality: Death. pessimistic, certainly but we all subject to the 'random blend' of life and so larkin is being truthful. i do agree with leanne that larkin's work was not intended for a level students, but a general reader
Added by: Alex
obviously people who are studying Larkin will know who he was and what was he about, he was an ugly miserable git, that sat back and realised things that were and still are obvious but we never see them. Everything has SOME meaning behind it and to say Larkin didn't mean anything in my mind would be wrong, he liked to take the piss out of himself and especially society, this is what this poem is about I think. Ambulances floating about and instead of thinking, I hope it's nothing serious for whoever is in there, we think 'I hope it don't pull up outside my house' or 'they just put the sirens on to get through traffic'. That's my opinion, slate it if you wish :D.
Added by: Claire
It must be said that "Ambulances" is one of Philip Larkin's successes. He has described our own venerability and lack of knowledge. He rightly demonstrates our fear of the unknown, fear of death and highlights further the loneliness suffered when it does occur "unreachable inside a room" This poem and all his others are wonderfully phrased and specially thought out to give the real impact that makes us consider his subjects carefully.
Added by: Katie
I think Larkin is a wonderful poet. I study him for a-level and i feel that i can really associate with some of the things he talks about. This poem is one of my favourites because he says what alot of people are too scared to believe.
Added by: H
I agree with Andies comment on the poem. I am studying this for AS and trying to write an essay on this very second. I think that this poem is about the loss of identity once you die. How you could have been a great person and really special but once you are under that blanket in the back of an ambulance you are nobody. People just think "Poor Soul" and don't know anything about you or who you were, you are just another body.

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