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Saddest Poem

Pablo Neruda

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Translator's Credit?
Added by: Rew
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Neruda wrote his verse in Spanish. Should there not be a credit included for the translator of this and Neruda's other poems on the site?
No translation credit
Added by: Jough (Editor)
Whenever possible, I will list the translation credit, as the translator is often a "co-author" of a poem in translation.

Unfortunately, the reader who submitted this poem did not have a publication that included the translation credit.

If anyone is aware of who translated this poem, please add a comment.

-- J.
vote on this poem
Added by: por
i feel so sad right now and when i read this poem i can laugh with tears
Great Poem, Shabby Translation
Added by: Christian Navas
This is nowhere near a good translation of this incredible poem. The translator appears to have been more concerned about getting a word-for-word match with the original poem and in doing lost the beautiful, somber rhythm.
Another translation available
Added by: Jough (Editor)
You can read W.S. Merwin's translation of this same poem, which is also in the archive:

Tonight I Can Write
Added by: stephen
truer words are rarley spoken
Added by: JC
i don't really like this poem because it's too sad. :-(
saddest poem translation
Added by: Dave Baker
an excellent poem, but I 'm curious to know who translated this version. I prefer W S Merwin's translation
Added by: roberto
i am sorry for the translators, because no matter in what language they translate it, spanish still is the language of the kings.
Added by: Snip
You could always try actually analysing it yourself, I do believe that is what most people try to do. It works much better.

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