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Saddest Poem

Pablo Neruda

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Added by: .
CHEEEEEESSSSEEY!!!!! beautiful idea, trite words.
Added by: Kara
remember...it's a TRANSLATION. You can't really comment on anyone's diction except that of the translator (unless, of course, you speak Spanish) Try the Merwin version.
Added by: Sweet Vetch
Did the corpse set up this website because Mike Topp IS a plagiarist, I wonder? Ask Walt. He might know.

Also, while we're on the subject, does daisy really mean top-rate?

And does Mike Topp really read that brite red poppy? because the black eyed susan is a little worried about me if he does.

In the future, all swimathons will be held at the Cole Center and never in mountain lakes.

Now, when someone says they are wearing three pair of underwear, it will not take nine months to understand what that means. And when someone says they feel guilty, it will be understood that they got a broken dish for nothing.

Added by: Aran
I truly relate with the authors feelings. It's as Dante wrote "There is no greater pain than to remember happy days in days of sadness".
Added by: NFL Nose Picker
yes, it has been confirmed by Jeff Johnson that Mike Topp is a plagiarist. And that's because "Mature poets steal," as T.S. said. Only immature ones are worried about it.
Added by: payniabs
Tonight I Write is better than this one

this poem is really, really sad
Added by: woebegone
I think this is either a bad translation of "Tonight I Can Write", or just a total bastardization of it. For anyone who likes Neruda, they should really refer to "Tonight I Can Write", which is one of the most beautiful poems ever written, rather than whatever this is.
Added by: Yossarian
These opinions are subjective. You want Neruda? Forget the translations, otherwise, you are arguing nothing more than a psuedo-facsimile.

The Translation of "The Saddest Poem" as far as I can tell, is the work of Donald D. Walsh.

Pálido, desbordante,
siento hundirse palabras en mi boca,
palabras como niños ahogados,
y rumbo y rumbo y dientes crecen naves,
y aguas y latitud como quemadas.
word choice in translation
Added by: K.
The one thing I can say for this (otherwise fairly shoddy) translation is that I prefer the use of the word oblivion in the line "Life is so short, and oblivion so long" to the use of "forgetting" in the otherwise superior Merwen translation. "Oblivion" has a much bleaker, or at least more empty and abandoned connotation than "forgetting"...
Added by: Marcy
That's just how I feel about the overusage of the word, "depression" in the U.S.A., K. Here in Germany, we often use "melancholy" in the place where Americans overuse their depression. Germans consider depression to be an illness worthy of medical intervention, yet melancholy is a state of being that may actually be desirable -- especially if you are a poet. Or a poetic inspiration, such as myself.

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