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Saddest Poem

Pablo Neruda

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Saddest Poem
Added by: Christopher
The first translation isn't as good as the last two. After all three, I got a good feel for the poem. I say read all three. As for the poet, he is simple. Just like love. Love is simple, but our emotions make love worth life and death. This poem is a bittersweet smelling salt and awakens us to the age old ambivilent-obssesion we all love and hopefully a night we have all lived. For this, I love poetry.
Added by: Rosemary
I don't know who translated the original posted version but it is beautiful. I read the others and they are good but they are not as moving. Translation, in my opinion, means more than just being faithful to the language of the original. It means entering the spirit of the poem and trying to make a work of art which, though it arises from the mind of another, in another language, is born as freshly and powerfully in the new language ( perhaps even in a different voice. ) The first version succeeds in this. I think it does so because the words are simple and speak straight to the heart. I believe the author ( English) is speaking. I do not hear the "translation".
True Saddness
Added by: ganymedes81
This poem is an utter lie. When you can feel that longing for another person, when you miss someone, you are still feeling emotions and still caring about the world. Those who are truly sad just stop feeling anything. There's no sadness about love lost. There's no wishes for the winning days. You just stop caring. That's sadness. Worst poem ever.
Saddest Poem
Added by: Gary
I feel really good about stumbling into this site. I never
imagined that there'd be so many other that would be so moved as I was by this particular poem.

Mr. ganymedes81, perhaps you from the handicap of being monolingual or maybe you are simply too linear in your thinking. I find your definition of sadnest confining and restrictive, like a mathematicians
proof....There's obviously more than one person's or the english language's definition of sadnest.
Added by: Isa
Any ideas where I can either get the text or narration in Spanish online? A very powerful poem...I guess it would sound better in Spanish.
Added by: Maurice (Anglo-Chilean)
A moving poem that inspires emotions... emotions that for many of us remain hidden in our soul, until the once lived is brought back to life with a forgotten aroma or a stary warm night. Years have passed and although I no longer love her, reading this poem brings forth beautiful nostalgic memories of the once lived. Indeed when I read this poem, I remember yesterday and for an instant love again....that is all.

My Chilean soul cannot forget.
After reading this I could instintly feel his feelings.What a great gift to have, having the ability to re-translate feelings to words. My heads never clear enouph to capture these emotions when melancholy spreads.Thank you Pablo
Added by: nathan
It seems a bit contrived to write a love poem to someone you no longe love.
Added by: Junior Buck
Through all of the translations, through all of the analizing, this poem still passes through all of the nets and reaches that place in us where no words exist. The human heart understands this so well. If tears rise to your eyes reading it, be glad that your moved and that maybe you loved once.

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