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XVII (I do not love you...)

Pablo Neruda

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Added by: Louie
A poem that has touched so many hearts who have fallen out of love. Hearts that been sleeping coz of love.
Ive first encountered this poem with only a few lines in the movie PATCH ADAMS. And now I've found the complete poem.
The poem is so breathtaking also some other poems of Pablo Neruda. Ive read about his backgrounds and his Noble Prize for Literature.
Great Poem and Great Poet.
Added by: Christine
I first read this poem on a ad banner inside a bus on Valentine's day...the heard it again in the movie "Patch Addams".I then wrote out this poem for my boyfriend before he had to go back to base in Texas.This poem doesn't exactly imply loss ...more like distance.
Added by: sandi
Au contraire! I believe this poem is about a love so strong, the strength of the love is forbidden. I don't think love has ended, or there is any distance between the lovers...he is afraid of his love...
Added by: CK
Sonnet XVII is neither about loss of love nor the fear of it. It is, however, about giving oneself over to love without guile, without pride, without cover, without lies.
Added by: Sarah
What Pablo Neruda is trying to say in this poem is that, "I can compare you to anything, whether it be real or unreal, and still it would not be a relative measure of how much I love you." He is conveying the greatest emotion towards a single human life, love. My comparing a "flower with a flower within it," he is saying that even unreal things could not compare to that specific person.
Added by: kat
i fell in love with the poem the first time i read it... it was actually sent to me by someone dear...

it was one of those poems that you would really love to recall over and over....
Added by: Lil Red
I sent this to someone I love, too, Kat. Maybe it was you!
Added by: pablo neruda fan
this poem makes me sad cause i remember someone whenever i read it...cry
Added by: Botanical expert
flowers within a flower are very real things.
Added by: Nanis
I don not think that this poem is about loss at all. This poem is about a love so strong that it has no beginning and no end, there is no distinction between "you" and "i" because we exist as one. It is without pride or regret. it is a secret because no one understands it. Another one of my favorites.

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