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XVII (I do not love you...)

Pablo Neruda

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Added by: S.W.
For me, this poem says "I don't love you vainly, like someone loves the beauty or scent of a flower, but I love you truly, as can only be the love two hearts that are uniquely connected."
Added by: clover
i think this sonnet refers to the love of pablo neruda to himself, this is if we base it from the line ''so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand'', so intimate that when i fall asleep, it is your eyes that close.. it tries to show the distinction of the body and soul as the line ''secretly, between the shadow and the soul''
Added by: Dogbody Dedalus
I think it is simplistic to define this poem through loss, or Neruda's inability to act on his love. He writes "I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride" - this is simple love, which he feels compelled to write about, beautifully and darkly. Also, the translation given here is problematic and to be blunt, shit. A better and more honest opening would be: "I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, topaz, | Or the arrow of carnations which propogate fire". It suits the meaning from the Spanish far better.
Also, "where I does not exist, nor you," can be translated differently too: "where there is no I or you". Simpler, and more powerful.
it's about..
Added by: mj
.. a love so strong.. doesn't matter if it is realized by the other.. it's more of what the person who feels it feels.. no reference whatsoever to the other party.. in fact, i think the other person in this poem does not know how strongly the other feels.. or does not realize how strongly the other feels which is why the poem came about in the first place.. but that's the beauty of poetry -- it speaks to you with no particular message in mind.. for me, it's about a love so strong, it's scary.. a love so strong, it's painful.. a love so strong, it's part of who you are and can never be removed from you.. regardless of whether the other feels the same or not.. i'm sorry.. i too remember someone when i read these things and from the point of view of loss.. this is what i think.
Added by: Jeri
I'm doing an anaylisis of the english version and the spanish version of this poem for an English course. Anyone have anything that might be of use in analysing it's unique-ness??

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