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XVII (I do not love you...)

Pablo Neruda

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Added by: secret between the shadow and th
i love this poem, it was sent to me one valentines day when i was younger and then when i broke up with the same person. it was 'our poem' if there is such a saying.Ive just found the letter i was sent with this poem on. i think its amazing as are most of the poems by Pablo Neruda
Sonnet XVII
Added by: JJ
To Kat,

I gave this Poem to my at the time wife on Valentines Day one year. We have since divorced, the funny thing is her name is Katherine.
Added by: just a dreamer
i think its more he's saying, he loves her in a different way than most other things, and stressing her importance by saying that he wouldn't exist without her.
Many Meanings?
Added by: JJ
I fell that this poem has many meanings. Neruda was a pretty complex guy and he may not have been writing about the love for a woman. It may have been about Chille or about his father who did not return his love. Read some of his Bio's and you may just change your mind.
I do not love you ...
Added by: Amanda
I think this poem is about the infinite power of love to draw two people together. I think he was recalling that overpowering closeness that happens when you lie wrapped i the arms of the person you love.
Added by: eccles
I also don't feel as though this poem expresses loss or distance. I feel it expresses love -- deep crazy overpowering love. I wrote it out for my boyfriend on our anniversary, and that's how I told him I loved him. But, everyone will take what they want out of it... that's what literature is there for, right?
Sonnet XVII - Pablo Neruda
Added by: Belinda
Trying to find the exact meaning of this poem is like trying to define love. I think Pablo has gotten closer to the real meaning of love - "straightforwardly, without complexities or pride...". If only that would be applied to life in general. What a beautiful piece of his heart he has given to us.
Sonnet XVII - Pablo Neruda
Added by: Dominic Williams
The poem is, in my opinion, is about a love that should have never been. Possibly an affair, which is questionable, however it is a forbidden love-- one that could not have been controlled but just happened, without know from where or how. But stating that, and comparing his love to a plant that never blooms-- but within it lies the secret of love-- alludes more closely to this interpretation. In the end they become one, a love which transends distance, space and time. Although it is clear that they are not currently sperated, but together: "so close that your hand on my chest is my hand."
poetry classic
Added by: Senior
this poem encmpasses many feelings, mostly of love, but the deepest sentiment is that of a love so close, so exclusive that the two people act as one.
Added by: Hope
I do believe that this poem is about the true meaning of love and soul-mates. When two come together with their hearts beating in unison. The love that is shared can only be true.

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