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Visitors' Comments about:

Funeral Blues

W.H. Auden

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Added by: esther
definitely my favorite poem!
Added by: Caitlin
I am so moved whenever I hear this poem.
Its just beautiful.
Added by: tai
one of the most moving poems ever written - I love it!
Added by: Lexi
beautiful...just beautiful
funeral blues
Added by: tricia
I only know that when my sister read this to me last weekend it tore my heart out - I dont think poetry needs too much 'analysis' but the emotion is palpable and provocative here
Added by: Jander
I think it was a very lovable poem and it made me seek more of Auden's work. This poem was heard last in the movie, "Four weddings and a funeral". I think it talks aboutMr. Auden's lover named Chester Kallman(?) I can see through this poem that he loved him a lot.
Added by: Dobbin
4 weddings and a funeral? Isn't that 5 funerals??
Added by: daltonwong
I enjoy reading poem that can improve my english much.
whay you mean by this poem
Added by: kamal
hi can you please tell me about this poem i didn'ent understant the poem very well please tell me or send the information to my e-mail. thankyou very much
Added by: Amy
This is a beautiful and moving poem, especially when read in Four Weddings and a Funeral. I suggest that everyone sees that movie just to see this poem read.

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