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Funeral Blues

W.H. Auden

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My Dad,s Death
Added by: Rebekah Schafer
I used to get so mad at the clock for still ticking in the days after my Dad was killed. I hadn't ever read a poem that came so close to the truth about how devistating it is to lose someone you love. At least there are others in the world who have felt the same way.
Added by: David
I just love this poem...it's just awesome....but can anyony tell me when this poem was written?
Added by: bel
i love this poem so so so much... evry time i read it i cry its so sad and so beautiful
Added by: paul
the poem was not written for a loved one but as a song for a play
Added by: Miss Misirlou
Im a doing my GCSE coursework on this poem and feel some people are completely way off with this poem.

Where are you getting the impression that the speaker is a woman? I appreciate that writers may choose to write from anotherís point of view, even from the opposite sex and Im not saying it is impossible, but it is a well-known fact that the writer happened to be homosexual. Would this not give us the impression that it is infact a male speaker talking about his beloved?

Also, where does it say that the poem is entitled ďXXĒ? Thatís the first Iíve heard of it.
To everyone
Added by: fan of purity
I have been disappointed to notice several comments on this poem commenting about how people are wrong when they share how they interpreted the poem. No one is wrong, poetry is about sharing something- a part of the author's soul so that readers everywhere can appreciate and relate to it in their own personal way. If this poem allows you to think of J.F.K, great, that's a unique outlook, who cares if it was written earlier than that. If you feel a personal connection with the loss of love, that's great, someone out there feels as you do. Who cares about the rhyming schemes or "studies." How can you study poetry when no interpretation is wrong, poetry gives the reader the ability to feel it was written especially for them...thank you to everyone brave enough to step forward and share their opinion. They are all valid.
Added by: Cindy Mendoza
IT IS NOT ABOUT A LOST LOVE!!!!! this poem speaks of God being dead. Auden wrote this DURING wwi. The poem speaks about God's death. That is why the word he is capitalized. It is not about a lover do not mis-interprret the poem--it will lose the power
this poem
Added by: kellylane
i first heard this poem when i watched Four Weddings and a Funeral.......and i fell in love with it
it is passionate and sad
i love it
Added by: john
Audin had this published in the 30s under a different title, but it was written long before while he fought in and witnessed the horror of WW1. It is an anti-war poem, a theme in much of his work, and how with such killing, must mean that God has died also. Think about it: "Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun, Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods; For nothing now can ever come to any good." Sounds like God has died. We have a military and official resonance with: "Let aeroplanes circle...", and "traffic policemen wearing black cotton gloves..." representing the war's millions who died.
"Proper" Title
Added by: Tony Saunders
This poem was entitled "XX" in the 1945 Random House anthology, "The Collected Poetry of W.H. Auden", but was entitled "Funeral Blues" in the 1940 Faber book of Auden's poems, "Another Time".

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