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Funeral Blues

W.H. Auden

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Added by: Tommy E
This is the sort of poem that helps you to express emotions that can be so hard to convey any other way.
On my way to the funeral of someone very dear to me I was vaguely baffled that people were on the streets and going about their business as if nothing had happened. Didn't they know that nothing would ever be the same again.
When I read Funeral Blues I was stunned by seeing my feelings so beautifully expressed. It makes you realise that other people feel like this and, in some small way, this is consoling.
Added by: Rebecca Gordon
I think that you have all missed the point of this poem. This is not a sincere poem about loss or mourning. Look at its rhyme scheme, its opposing similies, themes and styles.
Of course, we can all be forgiven for this mis-reading due to the infamous 4 weddings and a funeral reading. I also think that if any of you have read the last stanza then you would agree with me. This stanza is not included on this site and can only presume, as with so many publications, that this is because people have a deep desire to read it as a love poem and more importantly a tale about loss of love; however, it is really important to remeber that Auden himself openly stated that he wanted to move away from Romanticism - love (especially at this time in his life) was incomplete and was somehow flawed!
Please re-read this poem. Look at the contrasting imagery. Actually think of a piegon with a napkin for a bow tie and see how ridiculous this image is!
Auden is playing with his reader. Truly his greatest talent.
If you were to read all of his poems at face value you would have him as a Fascist airman! (linked to 'The Orators'
Added by: Scarlett
Whether it was a serious look at death and love or not, there is one line which simply cannot leave the reader unmoved - the final line, "For nothing now can ever come to any good". It gets me every time (sniff).
Added by: katie
I adore this poem, i first heard it in "Four weddings and a funeral". It's so simple, but still seems like a lot.
Poem - Funeral Blues
Added by: eileen
This poem is so true. I used the last two paragraphs of the poem for my husband's memorial.
Funeral Blues
Added by: Juliette
This poem is truely something i enjoy. Learning Brit Lit right now i have found so much ease in reading and to my knowlegde understanding this wonderful moving work. I enjoy this simplicity the meaning can touch and move all that way the poems i've read previiously aren't comparaable.
Added by: robin
when i first read this poem, it just moved me so much. i thought of losing someone that i love and expressing the same tender feelings. it was truly a touching poem.
W.H.Auden's Poetry
Added by: Dulce
"Funeral Blues" is my second favourite. Despite all beauty in it I'd say "In Memory of W.B. Yeats" is even more touching.
Love that is not lost.
Added by: JR Janolo
This is my favorite poem. It is sad but at the same time inspiring. The love they had with each other echoes that of eternity. I hope to find the one for me too, only if she could see my eyes.
I love it so much!!!!
Added by: Grace
I first heard it in "Four Weddings,One Funeral".It is so touching...... especially " I thought that love would last for ever,I was wrong".This is definitely my favourite poem.

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