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Because I could not stop for Death

Emily Dickinson

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Added by: deadly virus
your comments display ignorance. far better to keep silent and have people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubts.
chew on this beofre you even attempt a reply.
i could not wait
Added by: Mr.Mystria
first of alll you're all wrong. it's unfathonable how you all got the idea of the poem wrong!! the idea that it's about death is laughable(HA!HA!). the truth is her sexual preference does play a major role in her word choice and to say it doesn't is an ignorant statement and you should be left in the dark trenches of stupidity!! The poem is about her cat!
Added by: Shaqueena Allen
Personally, I believe this poet is very talented. Because in all of what she say's have some meaning, it may not me a thing to us because of they way the new society thinks... But if you think about the whole thing it is explaining love and how her love is lie death... Yes, it may be hard for many to understand, but let's be serious if you are really in love with that one person you are not going to tell them "NO," right... Meaning you'll be DEAD for that one individual.....
to mr. omega
Added by: miss disagree
im sorry but im going to have to disagree with you. if you've ever read emily's love poems, you will find that they all say him, or his. not hers. and even if she was gay, why would we care? we love poems, we do not discrinminate and make prejudice comments
Dickinson's Because I could not stop for Death
Added by: darlene
emily dickinson's "because I could not stop for death" is a very well-written poem. The rythm conveys the melancholic ambiance of the poem. The poet has an intellectual mind using very well defined imagery.
Added by: Bell
hello, i havent read all of the posted comments so if this has already been said i apolagise. I think the key theme of the poem is the concept of journeys. perhaps the character (lets asume its emily) was too busy in her own life to notice her surrounding that she only did when death forced her to. as they travel in the carrige they are confronted with images and memories of her past. perhaps this is a play on the idea that ones life flashes before their eyes before or as they are dying? the house being half burried and barely visible i took as a metaphore for the things in her past that she has burried (perhaps because they are painful) being brought back up and her having to deal with them. im using this poem in my hsc essay so any comments on my thoughts would be much appreciated. thanks.
thanks for the no help!!
Added by: katie
thanks to all of you people who actually knew what you were talking about, but to those of you who focused on the writer's sexuality, gay or not gay? GROW UP! and get over it the only reason people get on these cites is because they are looking for people who think like they do for the sole prupose to write a paper. so stop taking up room and shutup!!
posting this so I print it at my house
Added by: yay.
The poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson is about the fact that death is expected and the poem overall takes a very light tone with death. Death decides when it is a person’s time to die and politely takes them to their grave in the same manner one would pick someone up for a date. They pass several sights, the school yard representing childhood, gazing grain representing maturity, and the setting sun representing old age. The dead person’s life is passing by their carriage. The carriage stops at her “house” or her grave rather, since it is described as a “swelling of the ground,” like the dirt on a freshly dug grave. Here she passes to the afterlife, which she was lead to by the horses who drew the carriage, and it is here she will spend the rest of eternity. The poem simply makes death seem like a long-awaited date, one that everyone must go on.

because i could not stop for death
Added by: danielle
i think that this poem symbolizes that you can not stop for death. You can stop it from happening, it is a part of life, and you dont know when it is going to happen.
gay and good writer not mutually exclusive
Added by: Ms. X
"For one thing, Mr. X, Emily Dickinson was not a lesbian. She was a briliant author that showed exquisite view of life and death, of love and loss, and of nature. Just because that you did not understand this poem, you did not have to put it down."

Emily Dickinson was not gay because of this poem, she was gay because she had a 10 year affair with a woman. You write this as though a "brilliant author" and "lesbian" are mutually exclusive. Not true...look at Willa Cather, Walt Whitman, etc. etc. etc...

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