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Because I could not stop for Death

Emily Dickinson

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Added by: miss jmm
Ok, i just read this poem and i honestly didn't like it. It does not mean that it is a bad poem or that Dickison is a bad poet because i like some of her other work. She is ok and i think that everyone has an opinion but if that opinion could be offensive to others it shouldn't be said. Someone once told me that if you cant say anything nice at least have the decency to be vague.
Added by: Dead Poet
I think the line "Or rather, he passed us;" HE = Death and US = mankind. Death passes on us...with out notice. The person(a woman) is unprepared for death's passing as told in the next lines. The dews drew quivering and chill; For ONLY gossamer, my gown; My tippet, ONLY tulle" going to a special place require preparation. If she was only wearing those, then she was picked up by death unprepared....well that is what i think...
Added by: people of america
we really want to thank all the people who wrote really smart and educated comments about this wonderful poem it really help us to get a better intrepretation of this literary work thank you guys keep up the good work

p.s. she was not a lesbian i think you are!!!!!!!
Added by: Sumr
'because i could not stop for death' is pure piece of literature and only someone who doesn't understand poetry would say something that idiotic (mr.x), and quite honestly if you don't know what your talking about just keep your trap shut. emily dickinson has shaped so many aspects of american literature through her works, so once again if you don't have the brain capacity to understand it don't criticize it.
p.s. dickinson wasn't a lesbian, she wrote a couple of lesbian poems based on two of her friends. whos gay now mr. x?
Added by: S.d.b.
this is one of emilys most discussed and most famous poems. it is very ambiguous and unique and only an uneducated person would not know what she is talking about. her poetry is hard to read but it is mysterious and beautiful.
Added by: Handsome
Who cares what Mr x, y or z put!! I mean this site helps me with understanding the poems i read for class. So i come here often and whenever i come across an ignorant fools like mr x, y or z (lol) i just scroll down till I find somebody who actually knows whast they are talking about like myself....lol. so, Thanks to all u smart interpreters.
Added by: MsJ
In my opinion this poem is about the peace that death brings. Its a journey that has lasted for centruies but to the speaker feels like only a day. She doesn't seem to be terrified but rather calm as she is being carried by the coach of death. I think it is very well written and full of symbolism and imagry. Signs of a good poem in my opinion.
"He passed us"
Added by: Lilith
Syntax, people, syntax. At that point in the poem (fourth stanza, first line) the speaker is still in the carriage with her companions, and the previous line spoke of passing the Setting Sun. "He" is the sun (almost always personified as male) and "we" are the carriage's passengers.

That is the first true hint of morbidity, I think: it implies that the speaker is not, in fact, going anywhere at all, but time is passing without [her]. This slow, crushing realisation is emphasised by the chill of the following lines. I don't think Dickinson meant the articles of clothing to be literal any more than any other item of imagery in this poem. Instead they may simply mean that all that which generated warmth in the speaker's body is now gone, and [her] skin, now dessicated, cannot keep it from escaping the body.

No one else has touched on this that I've seen yet, but note the liberal ussage of em dashes. It's a thoughtful pause, moreso than a comma or semicolon; if you read the poem aloud they make it sound breathy almost like a death rattle.
dickinson is a great poet
Added by: viola
It creates to me a feeling of fear towards death but on the other thought I realize that it is the saddest or happiest fact that exist here on earth. As I read the poem it creates a feeling which is the same with what Dickinson felt during those times wherein she know that soon she will vanish from this world. On the contrary, dickinson made the world realize that we must face death ni matter what.
To Lilith
Added by: Marcy Jarvis
I adore your observation of the way this sounds -- like a death rattle!

On the other hand, let me say that the sun, in German, is female and in tarot cards, for instance, it is an androgynous force often depicted as two children in a garden. Not that this has anything to do with it.

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