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Because I could not stop for Death

Emily Dickinson

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Added by: Meg
Poets know what they mean when they write. However-being a poet, I want everyone to have their own interpretation of my poetry. There are certainly many ways to interpret this poem, it just depends on who you are...
Added by: pushparaj
the personification of 'death' in this poem cannot be rivalled when alliteration goes with it
Read into what you like.
Added by: Megan McEwan
Is there a way you can rearrange this stuff so the relevant stuff (not two pages of name calling) is posted? I hated Dickinson. in highschool because she was so morbid... I was young. I wish people would stop reading things like "how to find homoerotic whatever) in a poem (obviously started by Grad students who need to come up with something original for their thesis) and READ it. They call the speaker the speaker for a reason...The writer is the creator, the speaker is the outlet, and your BRAIN is final destination. What YOU get out of the poem is what it is...

What I read was Emily being locked away in her house and thinking about all the things she was missing. Most of the literary stuff I read in the 2-5 pages is what I picked up; death as a gentleman caller, gravesite, lifecycle etc., but I added the extra bit of "only people who have time to realize what they are missing really contemplate the short carrage ride. I read the last stanza as The days are getting shorter every day after the realization that you will not live forever sets in. You know, you think you will live forever when you are young, but as you get older the days go by faster and faster.
The Sun is a Woman
Added by: Marcy Jarvis
I was recently reminded that the sun is also a female force in Native American lore. Why does Jough allow these tacky cursors to jog around on the side here?
Added by: Miss. H
thank you all for all your hilarious insite to this super confusing pome. mr. x,y,z, and omega my mother and i were rolling :)
Added by: me
This is a great poem. Dickinson was way ahead of her time but she was great! If people actually take time to read it you might understand it. Everyone had a different opinion.
Added by: MLE
Many people believe that Dickinson writes cheerful love poems when in turn many are truely dark. This poem talks of death from the viewpoint of the dead at their own funeral. A century feels like a day because she will lie underground forever...
How Sad...
Added by: How Sad...
I am not going to regard any of the extremely immature comments I've read on this page. (Though I just did)
Rather, I am here to say that this poem is truly amazing. The poem is an allegory. The speaker, while literally in Death's carriage, is trotting along past the places she's had experiences throughout her life. Each stanza represents a period of time during her life. Childhood, adulthood, et cetera.
poem 712
Added by: abc
after analysis, it seems she thoroughly overdoes it with metaphors. everything is a metaphor. but one could argue how brilliant that is. i do find some of her other poems a little hard to grasp. in comparison, this one really hits you over the head with its connections between death, life, eternity, the carriage, the travel between the significant views along the way. everything represents something else. well crafted!
The certainty
Added by: Roza
I found many of the comments on this site helpful. For this reason i wished to express my own view on how to approach this poem...(which i gradually understood better after each re- reading)... Open your mind. Leave prejudice behind...It will only hinder you.
I believe that Dickinson's style is very simplistic and controlled, she takes a arms length approach, without sentimentality and allows the reader to base their own interpretation. However this can often make her poems difficult to read and understand... so i came to this conclusion. That the poem was MEANT to be this way in order for the reader to base their own opinions and form their own images.
Although the meaning may often be distorted.. "to each his own"...after all poetry is a art form. It neither answers to nor follows conventional standards. So my friends, base your own judgements, and take pride in them beacuse they are your own and relate to the poem through every experience you have in your life.
~Thanks again, Roza...Australia~

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