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Visitors' Comments about:

Mad Girl's Love Song

Sylvia Plath

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It is every girl...
Added by: Deanna
I think this one represents the hopes and fears and desires of every woman. It is hardly garbage...
Added by: Goalie Goddessİ
Umm...its not quite garbage, but I do find it rather odd...She thinks she made him up inside her head? I mean, the woman had issues..I dont think this one woman symbolizes the hopes and dreams of ALL women..I certainly hope that I dont make up imaginary lovers...but that would explain why he never called me back...just a moment, I have to go look for my ex!!
Added by: bliss
i dont feel that this poem is actually about a lover, but about one of sylvia plath's other personalities. she did suffer from personality disorder. therefore i think that whenever she refers to you, she is refering to a personality of herself. i think that whenever she says "I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead" she is referring to her committing suicide. it is an amazing poem, you just need to embrace the signifigence of it.
Added by: ina_kulot
it's a pretty funny poem, but at the same time it's really sad... like having something but not really.. and wanting something but not wanting it...
Added by: marci s
i think this poem expresses her feelings, perhaps of disappointment, heartbreak, hurt, anger, etc. and could definitely be (and i think most likely is) an expression of her feelings regarding an ended relationship that she hoped might be more than it was. at least, i know how that feels and when i read this poem, i feel like it applies.
Added by: caziah
Like some of the previous comments i do think this is about a past disappointment in a relationship. Perhaps she has a perfect idea of love "inside her head" and yet it never becomes reality... disappointing???
Added by: Ailene R. Herrick
Sounds like she had a one-night stand and expected him to come back, but he didn't. She was in such bliss and since she never saw him again, she was wondering if it wall all just a dream...
Added by: Ailene
Sorry, not wall... I meant to saw "was all." :)
Will I ever get this right?
Added by: Ailene
"say" NOT "saw" I think I got it down now...
Added by: kim
this is one of my favorite poems of all time...an anguished crashing of idealism, to me this poem is an expression of true love, and how when you truly love someone it drives you crazy, it never can feel real. Of course this is the best type of love, the unreciprocated kind, that lingers and lingers and won't let go

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