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Mad Girl's Love Song

Sylvia Plath

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Added by: anne
Hopes and desires of every girl? If every girl suffers from severe depression... Anyways, I was under the assumption that this poem is about her father. He died when she was little and she was obsessed with his memory..or lack there of.
Added by: A. Ayres
No, no, no! Some of you seem to be missing the point of this poem.She does not referring to a multiple personality, nor to the 'perfect' man. She had a good time with some guy, he left her, and because her time with him was so good, it seemed as if she made him up inside her head.

I find this poem touching.
Added by: tambourine girl
my personal view of this poem is that what Plath wrote probably wasn't describing exactly what it seemed to. although it could be about a love affair, it could also be about the cascade of emotions sylvia was going through at that time in her life. maybe she felt that this poem was a way of expressing the unfairness of existance, how something could be destroyed with the blink of an eye, how any perfect feeling that enters your life is so brief and frail that you struggle to belive in it. the truth is i don't know. i'm not certain, if you feel differently let everyone know.
Added by: Bell xxx
I think she is lonely. She has made up a person to love, but cannot find them in reality. This poem reminds me of the 'character' from '4.48 Psychosis' by Sarah Kane - fabulous. If you like Plath you will love Kane
Added by: Beren87
She loved him completely, deeply, and truly. And then he had to go. Now she's just waiting for him to come back, wondering if it was ever real.

My girlfriend loves this poem. We're in a long-distance relationship, and she says that's exactly what it is, each time I go.
Added by: Dania
Its actually about an actuall lover she had when she was 18, it was an on/off again relationship, his name was Mike. Its about when he just stopped calling on her, abrubtyly and painfully.
Mad Love
Added by: L.H.
This poem is quite interesting. I believe that Sylvia Plath, who did suffer from Schizophrenia became so confused with everything in her life that she could not tell what was real and what was fantasy. She does not realize wether or not her husband did in fact betray her and cheat on her, or wether it was all inside one of her many different personalities.
mad girls
Added by: archie toss
syl was trying to save herself...
trying to save herself from some pretty significant pain, but also from being crushed by what lay beneath [traumatic mirror, etc.] she wrote this in an effort to explain that, to what is apparently a largely ignorant audience...
One of my favorite poems ever
Added by: Lisa G.
Unfortunately for me, Sylvia Plath is one of the few people, living or dead, that I have ever strongly identified with. I especially relate to and love this poem. I think the guy whom this poem is about was so similar to Sylvia's idea of the ideal man that she almost felt like she had dreamed him into existence. This guy so consumed her thoughts that sometimes the rest of the world and even heaven and hell seemed insignificant to her. This poem is exactly what it claims to be: a mad girl's love song. BTW, the poem was written long before she had ever met Ted Hughes, so it isn't about him.
Added by: siege
this is about the slipping away of significant memories; overtime, only the emotions are left so that the details of the actual event are either left out, twisted or exaggerated. sometimes too when you try to keep on remembering, the more you cant remember.

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