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Visitors' Comments about:

Mad Girl's Love Song

Sylvia Plath

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Added by: caroline
this poem is terrifying! But I love it, it is so simply written that it's almost frightening!
Added by: chris
I really liked this poem, i think when she says, "I think i made you up in my head" she is saying that those feelings she felt for whoever like what she saw in that person might have been an illusion. like hrm, she saw all these things in this person that were great and now she thinks that these were not there ie, "i think imade you up in my head." i like this poem.
Added by: Alice
I am not sure what sylvias intended meaning of this poem is.
It just sounds good when I read it in my head, maybe its the repetitive rhythm of it, I'm not sure. But again not knowing what it means is okay because this poem is so suggestive, it doesn't really matter.
And because it is so deep and rich in its suggestions, I don't think I would ever be content to make up my mind and say what I thought she meant.
Added by: scarlet
i think it's quite obvious that the woman had issues. that's the whole point.
Added by: scarlet
Just for clarification.
"I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead" shows that this is a solipsist poem.

Solipsism: the view that you are the center of the world, and that everything else exists for you to use.

If I didn't explain it well, look it up. And think about it, it's an interesting philosophy.
Added by: Tamerra Bailey
It sounds like she just had a one night stand and after they were done he promised to call her and he never did... but it sounds like he took her way past ecstacy.
Added by: allegra
well, 1st of all i thought this was about Richard. but when u read it, it doesn't really matter... it's absolutely beautiful while being completely straightforward at the same time. seriously. how many women have ever been with a man & felt like 'God, this is a dream!' i believe that's what she was trying 2 get across. the 2 good 2 be true but it's happening anyway scenerio.
i adore this poem.
Sylvia rocks.
Just like the rest
Added by: Pooch
So she has this guy and he obviously does something right because she's in complete ecstacy, and ok maybe he was perfect and could move sun and earth (and red and blue stars) for her but then he buggers off and doesn't call...
So Sylvia is just pointing out perfect idea of a man is simply the epitomy of the typical arsehole!
Added by: Jenn
this is one of my favorite poems by plath and i believe because she had a personality disorder and this poem can display more than one meaning. perhaps sylvia trusted and loved someone so much that when he left her she was confused on what her feelings should be toward him - if she truely gave her heart to someone how could they be so cruel? perhaps she told herself she made him up in her head to feel better about herself and the situation... or perhaps two of her personalities were warring with beliefs...is he really there...is he merely a mirage...
o.o its funny how anyone who reads this reads some
Added by: Maggie Checco
Wow.... when i read this poem... i think Plath is speaking more in terms of not a love lost... but rather a love never had... you see.... i'm currently a freshman... and in love with my history teacher... and when i read this poem... lines like " i dreamed that you bewitched me into bed" tell me that she was in love/lust with a man who she knew would never love her back.. when she says "I think i made you up inside my head" I think she is reffering to makeing out this "mystery man" into her idea of the perfect lover would be, and constantly dreaming about the what ifs of there relationship. At least thats what i hear when i read this poem.... but then again... i get the distinct feeling that Plaths poetry shouts out different meanings to all who read it. Every person can interprate them differently to relate to a situation they have experienced... that's truly what makes Plath a respectible and wonderful poet. ^__^

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