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Charles Bukowski

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Added by: shirley whitney
Today I watched as the crain ram took out the wall, where some one had wrote, Bukowski's poem Bluebird on it. Thank you for putting this on the wall, and thank you Bukowski for the poem.
Added by: karen
This poem perfectly encaptures what I see in the eyes of hard nen, a tear, a fear, a love, a bird, a song. Weep openly and own your life before death. thank you Charles, you were a big man.
blue bird
Added by: essie
What makes this poem so great I think it is the simplicity of it. We all feel the force of social relationships on our shoulders. Tthat makes us be what we are not. Infact we live in an upside down fucking bubble and expect other people to live the same way too. We all have a bluebird. Bukowski's bluebird is that hidden "what we are not", what ever that may be. It is not about beauty, its not about machoism. It is about everything that we cannot be, which in turn makes us so crap as humans.
Added by: Sandy
I love this poem as a woman. Us women are always trying to figure men out. Wondering if there is any "feeling" in there. After reading many of his poems and accepting that he's out for a piece of ass, it's encouraging that he may represent the male populus which means that their may be a chance that other men actually may have a blue bird in their heart :)
Added by: Jay
I heard this poem for the first time at a funeral. I do agree very much with Sandy's comment that we men do have a blue bird inside of us and the only thing that holds it back from coming out of its cage is the super ego. Allowing the blue bird to come out of its cage would only hinder a man's ability to be masculine.

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