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Charles Bukowski

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love it
Added by: Katey
I love how he's speaking like a child telling a secret...such an innocent voice. He tops this so nicely at the end with "do you?" Perfect. This is one of the greatest poems ever. It makes me shiver and only the greatest poems can do that.
Added by: Adamski Bandini
this poem didn't make me weep. To me it's an honest justification for an artificial 'thick skin', a defense against being hurt. We all have tenderness inside but some people are more scared of being hurt than others and so go to greater lengths to keep sensitivity locked away. It's like a fear of exposing your willy in the street for fear of having it severed by a pigeon (HAHAHA!) Some people wear thicker trousers than others... like Barry Manilow, he was ashamed of NOTHING. i'm missing the point.. what was the poem about again?
Added by: El Barto Smogg
I presume the poem is actually partly about machismo. About how men use machismo to hide their sensitivity, their fears, their worries and all their other blue and black birds.
Furthermore I don't really understand why a lot of the above commentators weeped over this poem. Being able to make readers weep is not my definition of good poetry. Besides, the third stanza is pretty funny, especially when he cynically mentions that letting loose his bluebird might fuck up his sales figures in Europe.
Macho muncho
Added by: Harry Shall
Sensitivity .. I think Buks pointing out that beautifull thoughts and feelings are layers better left tucked in.... Macho is a little overgeneralised here.
Added by: will
Reading bukowski makes me feel good to be alone.
Added by: Adamski
I couldn't agree more. Comments like that make you feel good to be alone, too :)
Added by: CTF
This poem may make others react, but it does nothing for me. I guess it's the first-person trying to include me when I've never felt anything remotely like Bukowski's depiction. None of my fears, flaws, worries, imperfections, or what-have-you are hidden; I don't even bother to mask them. So I guess I might enjoy this poem much more if it weren't trying to encompass me with the first-person perspective.
Added by: Bryce
I think discounting this piece as un-macho is wrong, it may not entirely be about his own machismo, but there is an element there. And whether he admitted it or not there is definately a masculine/macho aspect to Buk's work and life.
Added by: christopher
Bravo to Brice. I agree completely. People, even myself, are quickly critical about what seem lay interpretations of artistic work when infact, the interpretations are fresh. Of course macho, masculine bullshit stems this poem, along with a deep instinct we all share:fear. If "machoism" were irrelevant, this poem's impact would lack the rough surface it clings to.
its about part of him that remained whole
Added by: Mike
What I see in this poem and a lot of Hanks writing is the fact that he had the shit kicked out of him by life and was able to maintain some sense of joy and humanity despite all the suffering.

Severe child abuse screws people up and causes a lot of suffering throughout life. Basically it says to me that his father did not succeed in destroying him with the weekly beatings for not mowing the grass right. etc.

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