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Charles Bukowski

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Added by: Steph
I must admit, I am a little mystified at the attention garnered by Charles Bukowski. Much better poets have said the same things he has said in much better ways. What is interesting in this discussion is that no one has seperated poem from poet. Would we be discussing such an average poem if it came from any other poet (particularly - gasp - a non-macho woman)?
Added by: Bob
There is no machismo in this poem. There is only fear. Fear of those that hold machismo as strength, and that feel that a lack of machismo makes you weak. Yet, it is those who are wrong for not weeping. It takes as much strength to hide your guilt, pity, anger, love and feelings as it does to hide the bluebird in your chest. Both weeping and holding him in hurt just the same, and to admit that you are holding back that bluebird is the eqivalent to shedding a tear.
Simplistic Cliche
Added by: Chris
Simplistic Cliche--retreading the same old hashed out themes as before. Should be prose--there's not poetry in this.
Added by: estha
i heard this poem being recited in the movie Bukowski: born into this .
i didnt even know the last lines but by the end..i had tears in my eyes...wonder wht string this strucks inside
Added by: ezra
Bukowski puts himself out on the plate here. Gives a little room in his air tight toughness. You feel vulnerable for him and for the soft underbelly we all have.
Men vs. women.
Added by: Adrienne
I love this poem, but I can't imagine the higher level on which I'd relate to it if I were a man. Basically, women can let the bluebird out more often. I think we lose a little bit of the effect of this wonderful poem. Lucky bastards .... :o)
Added by: Diana
Besides the fact that almost anyone can relate, i think its so much more striking because we feel like by reading Buk's poems we know him a little better and for him to come out and admitt these things to his readers is so comfortting. i had a friend read this poem, he had never heard about Buk, and honestly he thought there was nothing great about it, so... i dont know. it alsom made me weep.
Added by: Patricia Emi
I didn't get the same reaction as most did on this poem. I found it quite funny. The way he puts such childlike innocent in the first stanza, "I say, stay in there, I'm not going
to let anybody see
you." and in a couple lines in the last stanza, "but I'm too clever, I only let him out at night sometimes when everybody's asleep. I say, I know that you're there, so don't be sad. then I put him back" or "with our secret pact and it's nice enough to make a man weep, but I don't weep, do you?" and I love how he writes about his sales in Europe. It may have a depressing meaning to itbut I think Buwkowski might have enjoyed writing this poem a bit. maybe with a little smile. it doesn't seem as deep like "Smile to Remember" or vague as "I Met a Genius" but with such innocence conveyed in this poem I think it isn't as meaningful as people really expect it to be, or atleast when he wrote it. It is still a great poem. I have officially now proclaim this as one of my favorite poems.
Added by: Little Luis
My eyes filled with tears as I reached the end...I may not know what he meant to say, or how he wished us to feel when we read this...but I know how I felt...and I don't believe a poem has ever been heard so clearly by my bluebird. If it wasn't for reading through the comments and re-gaining some composure...I might have let my bluebird write this comment..but I didn't have the guts...do you?
sweeping weeping
Added by: Kory
You know, Bluebirds themselves are mean sons of bitches by nature.

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