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Charles Bukowski

I was driving on the freeway
Listening to the radio
When the newscaster announced
That a car had crashed through
A guard rail and
Down into a body of water
And the occupant was apparently drowned.

Then there was a taped
Conversation with a police
"I don't really understand
This one. I don't see how
She could have driven through
That heavy rail. The visibility
Was perfect. The doors were locked and
The windows were
Up which indicates
That she was alone. This one
Really puzzles me..."

I didn't understand why the
Doors and windows told
Him that she was alone:
Possibly something he learned
At the Police Academy?

I have a favorite spot
Picked out
Down near Del Mar.
The railing looks weak and
There's an 80 foot drop
Straight down the cliff
Into the ocean
I may never use it
But it's nice to know
That it's there.

(I intend to have a 5th
Of whiskey at my lips,
The radio playing classical
And I will break through
That railing
Launching the car
High up
Over the water...)

The radio then informed me that
The driver was
In her early twenties
Name being withheld until
Notification of her next of
I switched stations then
To where a man was
Singing, "I told the
Daffodils that
At last
My heart's an
Open book..."
The traffic was bad too.

Submitted by Ian

Added: 1 Mar 2004 | Last Read: 15 Jan 2021 1:27 PM | Viewed: 7945 times

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