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Sonnet 146: Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth

William Shakespeare

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this sonnet
Added by: mesay obssie
First I want to say who the hell says thy, shalt,dost and gay. I think we should accept that shakespeare is dead so is his language let us talk in ebonics and with words that nobody understands so one day our great, great, great, grand children will remember us by our language and not by some bold headed freak who wanted to change everyones view of the world. So I say lets use words like that is whack, bling bling, wut up dog, and shit like that. let us be leaders and not followers of some freak who had one too many rums.
sonnet 146
Added by: connor
I just want to say first that shakespeare is a fag and so are his poems, sonnets, and plays. The guy was lonely and he could not get some. So every day he jacked off with his sticky fingers and wrote some bullshit with words no one understands. who the hell says thou shalt not, and yee and gay any more. I think people who read this crap are as gay as he is and they them selves can not get any that is why they are in to this middle english bullshit. I wish he was alive so I could beat the shit out of his bold freaking head. He should have used words like; ain't nothin but a G thang, where my dogs at whoof whoof, Pop the colla and shit like that. I say lets show those shakespeare freaks that this anint the 1600 no more and nobody says shalt, thou, and thy boosoms no more.
Whomever posted earlier are complete morons.
Added by: An intelligent person
Hey, Shakespeare wrote the way he did because that was the way people wrote in those days. To those who have posted above, get lives. Please, just because your small brains are unable to comprehend the messages behind Shakespeare's literature, it doesn't mean you have to trash it with your invalid idiocy. Get over your ghettoness and learn what life's all about. Shakespeare was a very talented playwright, some of his works are still read many years later. Thats part of the reason that makes him so great, that his concepts behind some of his tragedies are still employed and mimicked today. Ah well, I suppose this might be futile, but it should be said.
thank you!
Added by: another intelligent person
I must say the first two comments make me want to cry- this is the future of our country... To mesay obssie- the only chance my great-great-grand children will be reading anything written by you is if you graffiti a building and it hasn't been torn down by then, and to conner- your use of the words "fag" and "gay" is not only offensive but betrays your true ignorance- but since both of you seem so intent that no one should ever speak in middle English again how about practicing some "modern" English that will help you in your future careers- "Yo, you wanna get some fries with that, dawg?"
All I can do is laugh
Added by: Samuel Biagetti
I think that the last two people to post messages here have gone through a bit of unnecessary trouble, as the comments posted by mesay obssie, and especially the one by connor, must be jokes. Though mesay's encouragement to use one's own vernacular is a good point, these messages otherwise reek so unabashedly and redundantly of shallowness, contradiction, unjustified hate and an inablity to see the power and longevity of poetry itself, that I can't imagine they're intended to be serious. And if they are, that is a little scary, but I still think they can be left to stand on their own and be laughed at. As the subject has already been broached though, I would like to point out to connor, if he doesn't realize it, that those "sticky fingers" of Shakespeare's produced poetry and drama far more brilliant and enduring than, it seems, you ever will, however unable you are to appreciate that. And your art-bashing on the basis of homophobia betrays not only ignorance but a profound jealousy and insecurity. I would speculate with some confidence that you are homosexual yourself and have a severe fear of any semblance of effeminacy, and while of course there is nothing wrong with that in itself, I wish you wouldn't take it out on Shakespeare.

If, on the other hand, you did not mean your statement seriously, then I applaud you for bringing out this stupid, juvenile attitude so fully and ironically. It's worthy of a Shakespearean comedy.
Love is bullshit
Added by: Ben
Shakespeare said that he could only write if he was in love. The man was married to Anne Hathaway only because he got her pregnant. What pisses me off is the fact that people keep saying that Romeo and Juliet is the greatest love story. No it is not. Shakespeare only cared about sex. He cheted on his wife numerous times and even had a fling with a man. If people think this is what love is they need to be slapped in the face and have their genitalia ripped out. Romeo "fell in love" with Juliet because of the way she looked. Romeo and Juliet is not the only play Shakespeare ahs written but it is the one that pisses me off the most. If the bastard knew what love was he would have known not to get Anne pregnant and find someone he actually cared about. Shakespeare's love is bullshit.
What on earth...?
Added by: Ogdred
I'm sorry, I can't for the life of me understand what any of these posts have to do with the poem in question. The first two sounds suspiciously like they were done by the same person under different names - what exactly does "bold headed" mean, and how coincidental that both posts (with equally bad grammar and spelling) use this phrasing and have the same gripes about the antiquity of the language (which is NOT middle english, that's chaucer).

And how on earth is Shakespeare's love life relevant to his poetry, especially THIS sonnet, which has nothing to do with love, but focuses instead on aging and death -- a subject with which Shakespeare was a little obsessed. There is no PROOF that Shakespeare had a "fling with a man," yes, we know many of the sonnets were addressed to a man, but that means very little. People know next to nothing about Shakespeare's life... I think a new discussion forum needs to be set up for people to argue about non-poem related topics.

Anyway... as for THIS sonnet, I think it's quite dark, and therefore great. I love it when Shakespeare's dark, and that's why I've always preferred the later sonnets (the Dark Lady sonnets). Shakespeare uses the images of worms eating dead flesh in a number of his works, and it always hits the right note of *pretty creepy* for me. This sonnet in particular is a little twisted (read: fanastic!) when dealing with the whole death issue: Since death will eat the flesh (worms, inheritors of this excess / Eat up thy charge), then the soul should devour it too (Then, soul, live thou upon thy servant's loss), leave the body to waste and die so the soul, having consumed death's prey (So shalt thou feed on Death, that feeds on men), can gain eternal life (and Death once dead, there's no more dying then) (Buy terms divine in selling hours of dross -- "Purchase eternal life by selling transitory trash, i.e. the flesh").

And I think Shakespeare's language is wonderful. That is all.
Added by: Someone with something to say.
Mesay obssie and connor probably are the same person, and i have a very rude awakening for them. Most women enjoy Shakespeare. They think of him as being a thrilling dramatist and a wonderful romantic. If you think of him as being "gay" and stupid, then you probably wouldn't want to date women who actually like him, which means that you will never find true love, and will soon have to turn to homosexuality.

P.S. And do you both notice that everyone else in this post has an vocabulary extending beyond "pop the colla" and "ain't nothin but a g thang." Why do you think that is? Maybe because they have the intellect to comprehend the genius that is Shakespeare.
Whatever man
Added by: Ryan
To Connor and Mesay Obssie (which are probaply the same) "bold headed?" is bald headed with an "A" you fool. That is why you probaply dont like Shakespeare and you will never be remembered hundreds of years later ,like Shakespeare, because of your ignorance. Or maybe that will be why you are remembered?
Added by: steve
I think that although old Bill cheated on his wife he still feels and expresses love the best way he can. But if you really listen to what he writes you understand he still feels compassion and still understands the true meaning of love and recognises beauty.

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