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Sonnet 146: Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth

William Shakespeare

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Added by: mousebabe
ok ok... the people at the very top... you dorks must not know anything about sophisticated culture. I am a young woman and i happen to love Mr. Shakespeare. He happens to be my favorite poet (right above edgar allen poe and william drennan) but considering how you two think he is a fag.... well you seriously need to get your heads out of each others asses and out your nose in one of his plays or sonnets and you will realize how great of a writer he really is and was. you also need to stop reading your doctor suess because you ovbiously dont know how to type. just leave william shakespeare to the people in this world you have culture in their bodies... unlike you two who have none at all.

William Shakespeare
Added by: Hello
I visited this website with the intention of understanding sonnet 146. Honestly, I learned nothing. This site is not a chat room, and I don't care about how many ways "connor" and "messay whatever" can be insulted. Opinions vary, thus opions must be respected. No matter how vulgar they seem.

I respect Shakespeare for his great literature and intellect. I agree that his playwrights, even though they are old, are definitely not outdated; and relate to many situations in today's world. I am still interested in the reall meaning of sonnet 146 and will look elsewhere. If I do return, I hope there would be a comment more specifically based on the sonnet.

that is my opion.

I Love Shakespeare
Added by: Manamal
I love Shakespeare and his work. I think that Shakespeare really existed. Even though there is a lot of evidence that can prove that Shakespeare did not write the plays and poems. But what is hard to know is if Shakespeare really existed? It happened along time ago!!!!!!!

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