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The Dragon & The Undying

Siegfried Sassoon

All night the flares go up; the Dragon sings 
And beats upon the dark with furious wings; 
And, stung to rage by his own darting fires, 
Reaches with grappling coils from town to town; 
He lusts to break the loveliness of spires, 
And hurls their martyred music toppling down. 
Yet, though the slain are homeless as the breeze, 

Vocal are they, like storm-bewilder'd seas. 
Their faces are the fair, unshrouded night, 
And planets are their eyes, their ageless dreams. 
Tenderly stooping earthward from their height, 
They wander in the dusk with chanting streams, 
And they are dawn-lit trees, with arms up-flung, 
To hail the burning heavens they left unsung. 

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