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D.H. Lawrence

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Added by: Amoung
Added by: Adam Widmer
This is a great example of Lawrence's mastery. His observations, subtleties and musings are not to be missed in any of his poems, but "Snake" is especially clever!
Added by: J.K.
Throughout the poem Lawrence illustrates his point about strife
and the clash of opposites. Education and social conventions make
Lawrence think that the poisonous snake must be killed, and that a
brave man should undertake the task. For a brief moment Lawrence
lacked the faith of his own intuition and missed his chance with one
of the lords of life. (Internet, 3) He compares the snake to
domesticated farm animals and to a human by referring to the snake
as “someone” and describing “him” as amusing. Lawrence compares the
snake to a god, a king, and a lord of life. It almost seems as he
feels the snake is above him. The snake is the first one on the
scene, and the first to leave. Lawrence wonders why “petty” mankind
always tries to rob the dignity from all Godly creatures
(Masterplots, 1930).
The Snake
Added by: Matthew Curtis
I found the poem very inspiring, i also find DH Lawrence himself very inspiring, i am just like him, i am a mamma's boy, among other tings like him.
DH Lawrence's Doctrine
Added by: Jonathan Munn
DH Lawrence preferred to write in free verse a style focused on capturing an event as it was, rather than reanalyzing it and changing its authentic quality. He believed that one’s inner feelings in circumstance are stronger than knowledge obtained through education. In “Snake” he voices this belief by him observing the snake for its natural magnificence instead of deciding to kill it.
Added by: Larry Braun
What i see in this poem is how suject we all are to the standard of our culture.

he could not follow his own feelings and intuition but let his teachings supersede.

and isnt that the way it is....


Larry Braun
Added by: Morgana
One of my favourite poems. It breaks my heart. Insightful, clever, memorable and observant.
Added by: Tommy
"The Snake" was about sex and social condemnation of it. The narrator is tempted by the snake (=sex), but remembers that "big brother"/society says that it's dirty.
Sexual Metaphor
Added by: Alex
Although this poem maintains a serious tone, sexuallity is clearly present. Erupting volcanoes and his wanting to beat "the snake" and "the snake" going into "black holes" is more evidence than needed of a need of fulfillment of sexual desires.
Added by: cheryl
i found this poem totally inspiring. for someone to see the snake for the beautiful creature it is, is wonderful. despite society saying something is bad we must do what we feel is right depending on the situation we are in.

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