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D.H. Lawrence

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sexual reference
Added by: Christina
Well sexual inclinnations have been in literary texts right through time, it is nothing new, just because they wernt as openly discussed in the past doeasnt mean they wern't there. Sex has always been a very important and fascinating part of human life, and i think though snake isn't about sexuality alone, it includes sexual refernces and symbols because it is the very physicalisation of life. Without it no one, not even the snake would exist, so ofcourse sexual inclinations will be in the text!
Added by: m brady
the snake represnts the writers talent. the eruption of the volcano shows the state of the world, world war two (which was the period in which he was writing). and his writeing got him in alot of trouble and was looking at being tried for being a spy. so the voices of education are the goverment telling him his writing must stop. so the snake must go into the 'dark whole'. his respect for the snake is his love for his writing and the peom is about the conflict of his love for writing and his life (the sentence for being a spy is hanging) .
Added by: kobe
D.H Lawreance is a fantastic writer. 'Snake' gives the impression of nobility vs pettiness, 'god like and 'dangerous creature'.
Added by: milynn
for god sake it's about nature.it's got nothing to do with sexuality.
That sex metaphore
Added by: Michal
ok, I do NOt think LAwrence's poem had anything to do with sex and its social condemnation. It's about the human need to be in control over all creatures, instead of payng them respect and acknowleging the fact that we relay on nature's gifts for our own survival. Yet somehow, society and our education has taught us that natuure and all of God's creatures are not things that need to be treasured.
Added by: deeksha nanda
the way he creates a MAJESTIC viewpoint of the snake is what makes the poem soo interesting... Lawrence truly knows how to create a visual image of his words in the reader's mind.. the instant bond he feels with the snake is the main plot of the poem....also not to forget... the decision between whats right and wrong comes through as the plot too..... he sensitively touches the topic of what we're taught is right and wrong....as compared to what we FEEL is right or wrong..

all in all......a good poet with a good collection of poetry written... he well deserves the credit he gets!!

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