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Visitors' Comments about:

Sex Goddess

Maggie Estep

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the disintergration of poetry
Added by: Ed Moran
I guess Maggie Estep is part of the new new school of poetry where anything and everything that is passes thru the poet's mind is considered worthy of inflicting of anyone unfortunate enough to read one of these things. I don't think William Blake has anything to worry about Maggie, You might want to attempt reading some real poets before you write your next masterpiece. Like one of my classic poems.
moran and maggie
Added by: jbs
Well, from what i understand maggie is very well versed in many poets, as well as composers. The intention of the last piece was probably for more performance than sit-at-home reading. It was included on her first CD and published (among other places) in SLAM, the anthology put together by Bob Holman and company. Mr. Moran, i went looking for some of your classic works, but none were to be found, and, to be honest, i haven't heard of you. Should i have?
Added by: Wotan
Oh yeah? How much you wanna bet? I am a muscular super dude and I can take you on any day so just step over Ms. Estep. (Just kidding, I think.)
ur poem
Added by: Jezebel_HellCat
i liked it,it was very dominative.
Added by: Kitty
This poem was a powerful expression of a woman who's not afraid of her sexuality. In a society where promiscuity is frowned upon, this sort of boldness is refreshing. Sexual women should not be ashamed of their power.
Added by: Alanis
Please be... a sexoholic
Added by: Janelle
Maggie's poems remind me of a woman who just starts rambling off her inner thoughts with no more consideration than if she were justifying her thoughts and actions to herself in the mirror. I can just picture a woman delivering this poem on a stage with a sack over her shoulder, leaning back, and talking with the "yeah, so what" attitude, flinging her beliefs to the audience haphazardly and not even caring where they land.
I think this poem is not only a celebration of Maggie and a psuedo-explanation of her view of her own sexuality, but also an encompassing and celebratory anthem of all women. I think it says, "Hey, we're all a sex goddess really - I mean, let's not pretend otherwise," accompanied by a knowing look and mischievous wink.
Added by: cp
You've got to be kidding me. This is rambling scribblings.
Sex Goddess
Added by: Tittemus
I think it is a good poem.
Our Judgement.
Added by: Natasja & Jakob
It's a pretty good poem, but we can't relate to it. We don't think its well written, and it seems a bit incoherent. The moral of the story is quite unrealistic, we think. We don't think you can call "Sex Goddess" a political thing. We give it a 6.4 of 10. Thats just our opinion, we could be worng.

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