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Visitors' Comments about:

Sex Goddess

Maggie Estep

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Added by: LJ
Maggie Estep is a very provocative lady, if you can call her that. I would say she descibes herself as a hypocrite, because she is double standard. Nobody is god even not Maggie Estep. She is derogatory and self-centred in her wrighting about her fellow human being. She lives in a very modern onreal world which I can not follow.
Added by: fussy
I think the poem is good....
Added by: Thora
I think that all of Maggie Esteps poetry has been great this one is one of my favorite poems to me it is talking about women and there sexuality becoming greater then mans now it might be different for everyone but that is what I got from it ...I think if you don't like her poetry just don't read it and leave it at that
Added by: Chris
You guys are missing the point. Maggie Estep is a performer before she is a poet. This is a work that is meant to be performed, and performed (to be more specific) by Maggie Estep. When you read this poem, you have to keep in mind the physical presence of a woman on a stage saying these words. This is the basis of contemporary feminist art, especially solo performance: in contemporary society the presence of the female body onstage, not as object but as pure subject, is still an act of crude, exhilarating gall that matches the raw, unfinished feel of the poetry itself.

Who cares if it doesn't scan? Who cares if it goes on a little long? Use your imaginations to take it off the page.
Added by: didgman
Maggie rocks! I lover her! She is my sex goddess and I worship at her combat-booted toes!
Added by: Aira
Wow!! I really liked this poem! It's new and refreshing. I'm sick and tired of reading peoms about love and this one here is full of girl power and freedom of speach. This peom really impowers the females voice to stand up for what it believes in.
Added by: Stick
surely she's saying that the speaker in the poem has spent more time politicising her sexuality than she has actually fucking? This seems to have a similar stance to FUCK ME, criticising the intellectualisation of sex, and the appropriation of sexual desire for political causes- the speaker's assertiveness in the poem comes across to me like sexual frustration- she's spending so much time and effort on asserting her sexuality that she doesn't enjoy it enough. It seems to mirror the general tone and style of her work- its about life being lived or not lived, not about grand ideas, and i think people who criticise it in comparison to "great" classical poetry are forgetting that this isn't for the written page- performance poetry isn't about subtle nuances- its about bite that sounds good spoken right and gets the majority (if not all) of its point across on its first hearing (since as a performance poet you often only get someone's ears ONCE)

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