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I Get A Feeling

Liam Rector

I get a feeling of discomfort, pressure
In my rear end, and I know then
It's time to take a crap. This has been

Happening every day now
For fifty years, fifty years
In which the waste of life

Has been steadily moving,
Mounting. I keep time this way now.
I wait for the feeling and then when

It does come I do its bidding.
I wait for the sex pressure and when it comes
I try and go where it says go. 

I get the same discomfort for fame
And I leave the happiness of my study
To mortify myself one more time.

I get the pressure to be a good person
And, like so many others, I take 
That very self-righteous crap.

I wonder how much longer all this 
Can go on but then on a very good day 
I don't much give a shit about that.

Submitted by Michael Schiavo

Added: 2 Mar 2003 | Last Read: 21 Jan 2019 6:25 AM | Viewed: 4614 times

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