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Billy Collins

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Added by: Joseph Castelli
Just a slight grammar note - in line 30 (I think, I am not too good with numbers), "and if you have manage" should read "and if you have managed".
Added by: Joseph Castelli Again
But now I have typed that comment and I wonder if i should have put the period inside the quotation mark(s).

But that has led me to wonder if anyone that can make a difference is ever going to read this. I doubt it, and it makes me sad.
RE: Joseph Castelli
Added by: Jough (Editor)
Would it make you feel better if I put the period inside the right quote for you? ;)

-- Jough
BC poems
Added by: K
Note to Joseph: Anything HAVING to do w/BC, i'll be reading/reviewing so yes, people do read these things.

Added by: Mada
Here I go all ready to read some comments about this poem, and I find 4 on a period, lol. That in itself is subject matter for a BC poem, but seeing as how we probolly won't ever read it I may take that duty up myself.

And about the poem, the last line... amazing. I find myself frustrated that I don't know who that girl is. Shes probolly in her 50's 60's now, maybe dead... Kinda depressing, but wonderful at the same time...
Added by: Magpie
Ferocious ninnies in love. That's why I love this site, Billy Collins. Look at all the marginalia!
Added by: Erin
i've always liked that poem, no matter how that line is.
Added by: Jim Hoye
Mr. Collins Prosody should live on in his own Margins instead of asestab;ishing him as the Poetry Laureate of the U.S. That he does not shows the low estate that Poetry has sunk to since "Real" Poets like Eliot, Yeats, Frost and even A.E.Houseman and e.e.cummings passed away.
May we wish for a better day coming, and the next turn of the Poetical cycle. JRH
Added by: amanda
Marginalia begins with talking about the notes that people write in the margins of books, how some are common, like “irony” and, “And if you have managed to graduate from college without ever having written “Man vs. Nature” in a margin, perhaps now is the time to take one step forward.” The poem then turns to the real story, of when Billy was reading Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye and there was a note in the margin that especially struck him. When I first read Catcher in the Rye, it changed me. I fell in love with Holden Caufield and I realized that he was a character. It was hard. This poem struck a chord with me because I could relate to not the poet, but someone indirectly in the poet’s life. I think for a poet to be able to do that in a minimal amount of words, with the focus of the poem being margin notes is pretty special.
Added by: Alex Jestrab
Yay Amanda, whose egg-salad-stained fingers I will never touch.

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