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Billy Collins

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Added by: Dave
This definitely isn't Collins' best work. The ending is good, but it's not up to the usual Collins standard.

However, this made the entire thing worth it:

"Another notes the presence of "Irony"
fifty times outside the paragraphs of A Modest Proposal."
Added by: omega
I guess I would have liked this poem more if egg-salad didn't disgust me. But Man vs. Nature: I think my 8th grade English teacher MADE us write that in the margin of "To Build a Fire."
Added by: Sara
I think she fell in love with Salinger.

Added by: Missy
That's a pretty bitchy thing to say about one person- particularly, one person that a good fraction of poetry fans and writers alike enjoy the company and words of. Just because e.e. cummings and Yeats and all of those other old farts have passed away doesn't mean that poetry is "dead"- like your soul, apparently, is.
Added by: Missy
my comment was cooler than yours.
i love billy more than steve
Added by: Bistra
B C has changed my life forever. I used to live in a card board box until I read this inspirational piece of heaven. It is my life goal to be the mother of billy's children. I hate Steve.
'Real Poets'
Added by: chris
JRH may be convinced he is the arbiter of 'Real Poets' but I feel the latin saying 'de gustibus non est disputandum' apt. Perhaps Mr. Collins' greatest contribution to poetry is its accessibility. Many of us were forced through years of arcane, anesthetizingly dull poetry only to find that it 'rent
spontaneous joy and natural content out of my heart...' Only years later did I come to realize the pleasure of poetry. It is a pity that I wasted the time.
(with apologies to W.B.Yeats)

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