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I Chop Some Parsley While Listening To Art Blakey's Version Of "Three Blind Mice"

Billy Collins

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Added by: Bistra
Dear Steve
I am still in the midst of finals week. Therefore, what one can do but wonder about going back to the house for a book. I speculate with the thought of my double sitting in a bar right now, while I am reading of tissue plasminogen activator. I wish my grandfather had this drug a while ago.

Anyway, I am sending you this poem, because it seems to me that it treats the worry about the cube men. May be will give you the notion of empathy I felt reading it.

I consented to spend Christmas with Sam in Fresno.

Love Bistra
Added by: Steve
Dear Bistra,

I could try to play obtuse or other-planetish and claim that I have no idea why chopping an onion does the cube-man any good at all. But to be honest (for sometimes I am not) my concern for the cube-man was borne aloft by a gust from below and perhaps in its absence one could start to worry about people who do actually exist in some more immediate sense. and your sister is a wonderful example and the concern was marvellously put to bed. but I think onion and parsley are tasty.

I am so glad you are going to Fresno with Sam. Sam is good. When do you leave? When do you return?

love steve
dear Steve
Added by: Bistra
I am revisiting the parsley poem after all this time and thinking that indeed the likelihood of three blind mice coming together is not very high. We never really discussed why you do not see the connection with the cube man. It is all about the worries of the fictional characters as you pointed out. I think I have forgotten about my natural ability to wonder of how the mice became blind, somehow accepted the fact, that made me sad and I bought on line “The Art of drowning”. Now it is a bit irrelevant to defend my sadness. You have the list with my faults already..
Love Bistra
Added by: me
hey guys, steve and bistra..wut does all that have to do with this poem???????
Added by: Chris
you poor fool. you don't see it at all.
Added by: sara
I love people's tendency to speak so poetically after reading these poems.
Added by: Tiff
you're all weirdos stop conversing about nothing this isnt the place to do it...talk about the poemmmm since this is the COMMENT section for poems!
the jokes aren't even funny
Added by: Meg
This poem is absolutely rhythmless. I'm glad that Gluck has replaced Collins as US Poet Laureate.
Sticking up for Billy
Added by: Lisa G.
I think the poem is one of the funniest things I've ever read. Billy Collins' carefree style is refreshing. It sounds like the real thoughts of a real person. It's genuine expression, unfettered by rhyme, meter or ridiculous metaphors.
Added by: Dave
Gluck has rhythm, but Collins has soul.

And soul is what poetry's about.

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