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A Noiseless Patient Spider

Walt Whitman

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a noiseless patient spider
Added by: una persona muy inteligente
this poem is talking about a spider spinning its web as a symbol of the soul. like a spider making its web, the soul tosses pieces of itself out randomly in hopes that it will find a solid place to start building on.
Added by: robert
i hope not to sound too critical, but walt would find your comment unexciting. the poem in a deeper sense is about the trust our interdependence with nature engenders. it is a joyful sunrise of optimism, this trust.
Added by: Amanda
This poem is an analogy between the soul seeking a connection with the universal being and a spider spinning a web.
Added by: graob
im sorry to say, but you are all wrong. the true meaning is that it is about the sun, and how it never stops releasing, releasing, releasing light rays. Also it goes into the fact that Walt Whitman did a lot of marijuana in his poem writing days, and it is about his stoned experiences.
With love,
Added by: Kristy
i think i'm going to have to agree with "una persona muy inteligente". in the poem, the persona is literally observing a spider spinning its web. He compares the spider to his soul because like the spider he feels like he is in a "vast surrounding", this indicating that he feels lost. Unlike the spider, his soul has nothing to connect with. the spider is able to attach itself to a wall and spin a web to create a home. the soul seeks out randomly in hopes that it will find a connection and be able to create its own home.
say what?
Added by: Lars Robotica
Some good points have been made here. Another thing to consider is the everpresent theme of man vs. nature. Whitman is bewildered by the ease at which a spider (or nature) can connect itself to something greater while he himself (man) struggles with the task of connecting itself.
Added by: Sis
Call me a romantic, but could it be that 'O my Soul' refers to someone other than himself.. . some great love? H
Added by: Odom
Can we say transcendentalism?
A Noiseless Patient Spider
Added by: harold solomon
I like to think that "a noiseless patient spider is a metaphor or an imitation of one in search of the family roots. Family roots provides one with a sense of belonging, a feeling of purpose in one's journey through life, which without one is alone in a measureless emptyness.
spider love
Added by: calypso
while studying whitman the last few months, i noticed he's very interested in defining human existence. in this sense, a poem about a spider's spinning resembles himself as poet trying to make sense of life. he stands on a promontory (earth) and like an astronomer, tries to guess what binds...kind of like einstein and relativity. whitman also implies that the knowlege he'll get when/if he manages to understand the binding will also connect him to it. is is god? is it love or some other spiritual, or natural force?

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