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Visitors' Comments about:

A Noiseless Patient Spider

Walt Whitman

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figurative language
Added by: adav
The sight of a spider spinning a web is made clear to the mindís eye through imagery strengthened by alliteration. The F sounds in ďIt launched forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself,Ē causes the reader to take longer getting through this line, thus causing increased concentration on the image. When Whitman has the reader clearly understanding what the speaker is viewing, he can then have the speaker connect it to the speakerís own life and have the reader understand the speakerís frustration with the simplicity of a spider.
Added by: Amrita
Whitman a dopist? Nice one, Groab. Unfortunately, Whitman does not talk about his psychedelic experiences in the poem but instead expresses his desire to connect with world and universe beyond and add meaning to his life. I suggest you too, get off your ass and start doing something worthwhile. And stop seeing great American poets as fellow dopists.
Added by: edd
So, alot of you should read up on a poet before you start critiquing his work.I'm doing a 10pg essay on this poem right now, and none of this frivolous commentary is insightful, your all just mimicking what the poems said. I agree wholeheartedly wit the man vs nature bit, and think that was an excellent idea. I'm also partial to the idea that Whitman is refering to the adventurous spirit of America at the time, and how there were endless measure of land there for the taking. DUring the 1860's America was in a rapid state of expansion, so I belive the first stanza relattes to that, however the second puts his life into perspective in comparison. This analysis is only after 20min of rersearch and thinking, so I'm sure its flawed in some way or another. Tell me what you think.

Noiseless Patient Spider
Added by: Peter
I see the poem as an expression of Whitman's persistent yearning to make connections with other people (souls), to overcome the essential loneliness of existance and to share his inner mental dialogue by connecting with others.
This poem was introduced to me in 11 grade and has always been a favorite.
all wrong
Added by: debbie
this poem is about how frost's soul is alone and lonely in the society. He is comparing it to a spider who is trapped at the cliff.
The meaning of the poem is he is trying to find his own place in the society
silly girl
Added by: Drew
how could the last visitor 'debbie' claim the comments before her were wrong. she did not even cite the correct author of the poem...

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