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Visitors' Comments about:

The Beautiful Poem

Richard Brautigan

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gross! ! ! ! ! ! !
Added by: Rebecca Bowen
Is there anyone else that is disgusted by this? If there is anyone who feels disgusted or feels any different way by this poem please let me know
Added by: Marcy
This is a totally beautiful poem written by a totally beautiful man OBVIOUSLY. (and I'm not just saying that because Stephen was in a writer's group with him either. Trust me.) What is wrong with you, reader Rebecca?
Added by: Brodie
Seems as if someone thinks poetry is about rhyming, and not at all about passion.
Added by: Mel
When you can't be with the person you love, anything that reminds you of them falls nothing short of perfect beauty.
Added by: Adam Stokke
This poem celebrates the body, the beauty of love, and the simple(r) things in life all in one. Whilw Brautigan was a talented weaver of metaphorical imagery, he was also quite often very to-the-point... if this poem is offputting to some, perhaps it is that directness that offends. I return to him almost daily -- he's like a dose of innocence in an age where innocence is mocked and derided.
Just Nature
Added by: regno
I find Rebecca's comment tragic. Society and many of society's religions teach that sex is a dirty and disgusting act. Her comments appear to be a byproduct of this. To have the most private part of your physical body inside a person that you care about is nothing short of magic. This poem expresses and captures that in all it's simplicity. It is honest, it is a love poem cut down to the most simple terms. It is the thought that runs through millions of people's minds but that only a few would write down and call it what it is.
Added by: Katey
Regno -

I totally agree with you. This is one of the best poems. Look how tight it is. Brautigan is able to say so much in such few words. And he does this through startling imagery. Through honesty. There's nothing better than that.
Beckys beautiful booounty
Added by: weavers brautgan reflex
How wonderful that Becky's Thoughts have triggered such a sincerely, passionate and lively response from the peanut gallery. Rebecca is right, this is, on the surface, gross, as the imagery points to zero hygenie i.e. the feeling after a long trip. The act of urination is inherently proud, standing erect, hopefully, definitvely male and feels stale in context.
The beauty is the supernatural ability to evoke twin female orgasms(implied by twice) as in i can't believe this thing/myself, could accomplish such a beautiful feat.
Thanks to everyone for the explorable, Brautigan response.
THis poem...
Added by: Frank
This poem is absolutely disgusting. Yes, some of you are write about sex being a beautiful thing, but this author had to have been a damn pimp to bang a chick twice in one day. he had to be pretty horny to pop a boner while taking a piss. who in their right mind would think about having sex as they are taking a piss...this is by far the worst poem ever. if u want something short and to the point, check out haiku amblulance, not this peice of crap.
Added by: Larry
Poor Frank...who said anything about a boner. And yes, I can see how he could make love to his lady twice in one day. And why wouldn't you think about this while urinating...you don't have anything else to do! It is the images of the two acts that make this poem beautiful in it's own short ...and gross...way.

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