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Acquainted With The Night

Robert Frost

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Added by: Andrew
I don't think the speaker has committed suicide in this poem. He has been lonely and depressed, and has perhaps considered suicide (line 10 suggests that he feels other people don't care about him), however line 11 seems to indicate that he is on earth, looking up at the heavens.

After all, while he has walked out into the night, he has also walked back.
Added by: Erin
anyone who thinks this poem is completely straight forward or "happy" is horribly mistaken.

this poem delves into the deep darkness of depression with this man thinking, or maybe going through with, commiting suicide. the 'clock' is the moon. the watchman is god.

etc etc
Aqquainted WIht the Night
Added by: jenna
I think that the poem is about some lonely man contemplating suicide.
Added by: Christa
I truly feel that this is a great sonnet. It is about a lonely man who contemplates suicide, but when he looks to the moon for guidance, finds that the time is not right, and does not go through with it.
Added by: rachel
i think this poem is about him already have gone down the road and have already gone through hard times. I think night and rain is symbolism for tough times he has gone through.
is this right? i have to analize a poem for english class
Added by: bella
Frost is a brilliant writer the way that he crafts his work into a simple poem but with meaning as deep as the ocean itself this work it 2 sided a simple walk home on a dark evening or a walk through the street as death but with either scenario dark signifies sadness

speaker being the moon
Added by: Katelyn
I think the speaker is the moon becuase the moon is at an unearthly height and it is against the sky. The moon I think could be the speaker instead of a person
The Theme of Being Alone
Added by: Matt Tirsch
I feel that Frost is trying to put out a message of being alone and having no one that cares for u when he hears the cry he is implying that he wishes the cry was for him, but instead he just keeps on walking. Most of the poem is about a man walking away from something possibly depression.

sorry for any spelling errors
Comments on Acpuainted with the Night
Added by: Rinda Suparatana
In “Acquainted with the Night” poem, Frost structures his poem with bleak and dreary images. He uses a unique well-arranged pattern of speech to convey his feeling of loneliness and isolation to his readers. He sets a rhythm for his poem with iambic pentameter that reminds us of the rhythm of walking. This creates a nice even flow throughout the poem, as well as allowing the readers to identify with the speaker.

The speaker uses the repetitive pattern of “I have” –lines 1 to 5, 7, 14) to express important and unforgettable events (his personal feeling) to the reader. This allows readers to imagine and see how the speaker was feeling when he wrote this poem. The repetition in the poem reflects a gray and monotonous tone, which Frost uses to express his innermost feelings. Readers can relate to these feelings because they are common to the human experience.

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