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Acquainted With The Night

Robert Frost

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Added by: Lilia Otero
i love the way he spoke with such revelation. a vagabond. it reminded me so much of me, it sort of scared me but it was very comforting at the same time. the imagery is subtle simple. i could almost smell the cool air!
aquainted to a path
Added by: carl
I like this poem because it has many levels. Through the style, and the descriptions of all that surrounds the speaker, frost allows anyone to relate. The most prevalent topic is he that he chooses to be alone, it is the repetition that of that one line, as well as the walking patter in the stanzas, that say, ďthis is me, Iíve been there, Iíve seen this and that but I will not change.Ē

Added by: Seleucus26
I find it strange that this poem is interpreted as being negative. I guess "saddest" and the lonely theme make it seem negative. Personally, i like to be alone and that changes the entire meaning for me. I saw it as a person escaping the worries (time and the shout) of the city. I saw it on the AP test this weekend and i hope they dont dismiss my interpretation.
Added by: Jenny
I think that Frost was trying to convey the happiness that was in his life. He liked to walk in the dark because then he could do whatever he wanted to do without worrying about other people seeing him.
Different from his usual...
Added by: Lauren
This poem is very different from a lot of the Frost poems I've read before; usually his poems are more pastoral in setting where as this one focused more on the suburbia of a larger city.
Added by: christine
I think that the whole poem is metaphorical and that it has to be read at a 2nd level than what it first seems to mean...To me there is lonliness and despear of course in this poem, but also a subtil but omnipresent sense of death.
Added by: Alex
This poem obviously has a literal and figurative meaning. The literal being that he is taking a lonely walk at night. The figurative being that he has lost hope and committs suicide, although he knows he was wrong. I think the theory that he is just taking a leisurely walk to clear his head is a bit off, it is clearly deeper and more complex than that.
Allusion to Dante's Divine Comedy
Added by: Christopher
I was just actually thinking about Dante's Divine Comedy. There is an allusion in Frost's poem to that which Dante wrote. As you may or may not know, Dante's Divine Comedy was about Dante who was put through Hell, Purgery and Paradise to teach him about sin and saving himself. This leads to the impression of exploring the dark aspects of existence. However , I also agree with everythign everyone else has said as they are all plausible and very believable.
Added by: Me
written in iambic pentameter
good use of the dash
the word night is associtated with feelings of lonliness and sadness and bad things, therefore by acquainting himself with the night, the speaker attaches all of these emotions and adjectives to himself
Added by: vianney
i really agree with toni .s. when you read meaning into this poem, back into and out of the rain illustrates the hardships and problems we experience in life. going furthest the city lane symbolises that you cannot handle the problem any longer and you become frustrated that then the only option left for you is to end your life. the job of a watchman is to guard and protest the owner of the house where he is employed. this watchman is God. by thinking of commiting suicide, God gets angry and looks down upon you because you did not belive that he can save you.
robert frost poems base most entirely on human nature and experiences.

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