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Turns And Movies: Duval's Birds

Conrad Aiken

The parrot, screeching, flew out into the darkness, 
Circled three times above the upturned faces 
With a great whir of brilliant outspread wings, 
And then returned to stagger on her finger. 
She bowed and smiled, eliciting applause. . . 
The property man hated her dirty birds. 
But it had taken years—yes, years—to train them, 
To shoulder flags, strike bells by tweaking strings, 
Or climb sedately little flights of stairs. 
When they were stubborn, she tapped them with a wand, 
And her eyes glittered a little under the eyebrows. 
The red one flapped and flapped on a swinging wire; 
The little white ones winked round yellow eyes.

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