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Anne Sexton

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Added by: Inesse Dunn
I think this is an excellent ballad. Especially when there hard to write. Well done! I hyope people agree with me I would just like to say hi to my mum Elaine she's been writing lots of poems on the internet please read them there excellent i think you all have a gift !
Added by: Laurel
I love it!
Added by: **~Vanessa~**
Much better than the fairy tale!
Added by: Jodie Grubbs
This is a great poem about the world women live in. Sexton is a great feminist writer and her work is just as classic as anything a man could ever write. Men and women can't live in perfect harmony, but they can live as equals with neither being dominant or earning more wages simply because of wages.
My Take...
Added by: Dan
So I guess anne is saying "Happily Ever After" is a crock?
Added by: oreo
Actually this particular poem has little to do with gender.

It's more focused on the fairytale, which, by the way is based on Grimm's Fairy tale. So if you haven't read Grimm's cinderella story, I recommend you do so to understand better.

I like the matter of fact tone of Anne Sexton in this poem. And the realistic perspective towards the ending stanza.

Added by: anonymous
Oreo, I'm afraid I must disagree -- I feel that this poem is quite about gender, though, yes, it is based on Grimm's Cinderella. But does she not take that story and twist it so that the gender issues are more visible? Grimm's version certainly does not have an "after the happily ever after" section. Happy reading...
Good stuff.
Added by: GWS
I encountered this poem as part of the assigned reading in a unit dealing with the Cinderella folktale, and found the modernization of the story refreshing and new - even if the actual events of the tale as told here are the same as the Grimm brothers' version. I think this recounting makes the story more real, since it is both entertaining and applicable to everyday life. Oh, and fun to read, too.

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Added by: Marie
I cannot help but look at this poem FROM a psychological point of view, not only because that is my field of study, but also because I feel that the psychological aspects of the poem stick out more than do the literary aspects. In the beginning, she strikes me as playing the role of a sweet little girl innocently telling her own version of a fairytale. But towards the end, she gets pretty sadistic, as she talks still rather matter-of-factly about the stepsisters HAVING parts of their feet amputated and HAVING their eyes pecked out (a little psychotic). And at the very end, she and her prince are in a glass case where no one can touch them ever again, it seems to the point where they themselves are almost made of glass. This woman was a completely messed up genious. You can't get any better than that.
Added by: Tragic the Pixie
I love this poem, however in response to Marie; though you are looking at it FROM a psychological point of view; and there's no reason you shouldn't, the sadistic aspects of the amuptations and pecking the eyes out of the stepsisters are found in the Grimm's Version of Cinderella that Anne was playing off of. And I don't think it's so much as gender based but more real-life based. People have these expectations, but ecspeically little girls and young women, that you grow up and get married and it is all happily ever after. For Anne, and most women, it is not happily ever after and that's unrealistic. I think it's just an honest look at the fairy tale.

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