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Anne Sexton

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Added by: Giovanna
I'm not convinced that it is really humane to call someone a 'messed up genius' just becuase of their imagery, or a particularly in-depth "psychological" viewpoint.

I think Sexton's interpretation of Cinderella is only logical, if you think about it- if you conform to the ideal of perfectionism you are inflexible and sterile- and yes, encased in a box (just compare with Plath's later imagery) and I would suggest that the 'glasslike' breaking imagery is suggesting the absolute brittleness of being so.
Added by: Schneewittchen
Now that all depends on who glazes you INTO your box.
Added by: Amee
This poem is awesome. Sexton does an excellent job of implying that life isn't a big fairy tale as "Cinderella" makes it out to be. That every relationship has conflicts or it isn't a relationship at all. Job well done.
Added by: Griselda
I appreciate that detail about how the stepsister has to slice off her big toe in ORDER to fit the shoe. That one little image speaks volumes.
this is not a ballad
Added by: mouse
in this poem anne expresses (as she often does in her poems) her frustration with the realization that not everyone gets the opportunity to live the lives of their dreams.

"You always read about it:
the plumber with the twelve children
who wins the Irish Sweepstakes.
From toilets to riches.
That story"

she details the self mutilation that stepsisters performed for the sake of that dream. and at the very end, she seems to declare that she finds cinderella and her beau undeserving of the prize, the prize of living the dream. Their smiles are plastered, they are not genuine, the are not sincere, not worthy. Cinderella is like the plumber, she got lucky. no one is happy in this poem, not even the victors. there is a bitternes in the poem, even in her "voice" when she says--"That story". As if to say, "You know, the one where nice guys finish first. . .yeah, the one that makes me sick."
Added by: Heather
This is the first Anne Sexton poem I've ever read. My teacher gave it to me and said that I ought to check into her bio because of her tragic suicide. I had recently tried the permanent solution myself so decided to read up on her. Since then she has become one of my all time favorite poets.
Verbal Irony
Added by: Brenda Wells
Sexton's perspective of Cinderella was masterful. The wordplay invites readers to toss ideas to and fro. It is humorous to analyze the numerous versions of the fairytale. We try to underestimate the weight it has on our subconscious, but it holds a universal theme. Love... The Grimm version was frozen at a stage; love immortalized in its triumphant beginning. We become philosophers of the question, "Does art reflect life or does life reflect art." Are we imitating, role-playing, and wishing upon a FALLING star? Or have we found the prince who has bypassed the outer beauties and socialites for the inner-beauty oppressed woman.
Added by: Tabitha
I find this Anne Sexton poem to be very emotionally deep. You read poems every day where people just jot things down hoping they have at least an infinetesimal amount of information that means anything. When you find out that Anne Sexton committed suicide, it doesn't really change the matter that she was a real person, with real feelings. I'm only 16 and I know for a fact that life has more meaning to it then a happily ever after. We become too idealistic in the fact we believe you must be a perfectionist to gain PSYCHOLOGICAL respect. Because the whole formality is comparing the actions of one human being to the rest of the population. Maybe Anne Sexton on her own was a genius in diguise. MAYBE she was and some people just don't realize just yet what a real genius is.
I for one could care less about Anne Sexton's psycological issues, maybe she committed suicide because she didn't want to be a conformist. Maybe she was treated badly, for God's sake women back then didn't have many rights. Maybe she thought in the next life she wouldn't be treated the same way. Life's a puzzle if you can't figure out the edges, the middle of it will be ruthlessly suicidal.
Added by: Sausha
This story was deffintaly not a fariy tale Walt Disney would write. Anne Sexton shows huge contrasts with reality. I guess carma really is believable, good things happen to good people. Do to others as you would want done to you.
Added by: Michelle
Anne Sexton is truely "messed up"! some of this poem is utterly understandable! but she is one that expresses great detail in her work and makes it easy to invision the things she talks about in her work... i'd say once you understand it, it is very enjoyable to read.

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