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Seamus Heaney

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Added by: woody
i have just started learnign about heaney for my GCSE course and have only read follower and digging but already i am enthrauled by his work
heaney `followed'?
Added by: chris lee
Heaney's `Follower' is complex; the universe the speaker inhabits is not a simple one; he is subjected to the harsh reality of life from a young age, he is not being told to lead but to follow, he is trained for discipleship. He is not able to change reality as even when he grows up, the shadow lurks behind him, not willing to set him free.
Added by: Natasha
Somebody earlier mentioned the use of nautical imagery within the poem. I also think this helps to create admiration for the skill and precision of Heaney's father. However I also interpret this imagery (words such as "full sail strung" and "wake") as a metaphorical means of representing a journey: as father and son travel through their lives.
Added by: reubso
I feel that the final stanza of this poem may highligh a changing of times, in his father stumbling behind struggling to get by in modern times and Heaney in a good job in different times, better times.
Added by: Ashleigh
I know this is ages after all the other comments, but to the one made by corinna, i don't think the person who wrote this was imply that the capital B at the start of the last line (Behind) was particularly significant, i think they are referring to the capital B for But is what emphasises the importance of this last statement, as throughout the poem he praises and admires his father and the suddenly it's like BUT today he follows me...

I also agree that this last statement has double meaning, that his father is following him both physically, as a weakened old man, as well as spiritually, or as a memory, perhaps tormenting him that he didn't follow in his fathers footsteps, which he once desired to do.
Added by: Sazzy
i believe that Seamus Heaney's poems are brilliant, the way he uses creative language fills me with alot of emotion. i love all of his poems and when i read them i have pictures in my mind of what is happening in that time present. Seamus Heaney is a respected poet with alot do give.
Added by: millsy
I think this is a brilliant poem. by the way im working on the poem for my GCSE too, l love poetry especially like this one. I'm all so studying poem at 39 i have to compare the two and there is a big difference .

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