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Seamus Heaney

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Added by: bill
the use of archaic language really submits a personal view of the interrogation of growing up. It is a masterpiece from heaney which casts a sideways glance at dealing with the elderly
Last two lines
Added by: Sam
Mr Mayers suggested that the poem carried an unsaid form of love. Looking at the immense detail with which the young speaker remembers his father, I can see some basis for interpretation for love and awe. Just interested to find out what you guys think about the last stanza? It might be as Mr Mayers says, about his gratefulness for his father's tolerance towards a 'nuisance' like him. Personally however, I thought it was about a role reversal, how the awe he felt as a child has become condescension towards the nuisance his father now is, especially because he draws this similarity between his past "falling" and his father's present "stumbling" within the same stanza. All the same, I'm grateful for the idea that it might be a tone of affection; never saw it that way before.
my english essay
Added by: sophie
A poem which deals with childhood is "follower" by Seamus heaney. He makes this poem more vivid by using such poetic techniques such as figurative language, imagery and word choice..

that is what my introduction for my school essay will be like good isint it ? :D
the poem
Added by: terry new
In the last two lines when you read like i did in english at wallasey School i thought that he was watching his father and its his ture to do his bit.
Added by: Matty+Joe
In heaneys "Follower" we discovered that this poem has an interesting view of his father, with their relationship and bonds which they had. This was the source that we had to use for our English coursework on Poetry in other cultures. During reading and analysing the poem we found that it is very creative in the way that Heaney desribes his father and thier relationship.
Added by: Saguna
An absolutely wonderful poet! I love his poems and the imagery he forms! He writes his poems with a lot of passion!! The poem ' Follower'is fantastic!
Added by: mimi
i think seamus heaney isn't a particularly interesting poet because a lot of his poems are about the same thing, so the meaning starts to fall apart after a while and you begin to think he is only writing for the money.
Added by: Nick Lytollis
I usually do not like poems however, this poem creates the most vivid picture any poem has created in my mind. I LOVE IT and want to read more of Heaney.
Added by: wayne blyth
i like the poem because it resembles moving through genereations.
Added by: JK
Amongst other things, I would like to point out that in my edition of Follower each line begins with a capital letter
Also, in reply to the concrete poetry comment, unfourtunately in my edition it does not make the "short long" pattern "like a well ploughed field".
In reference to the poet's voice, I do believe that it is Heaney himself as the little boy, like in "Digging".
Finally, I would like to say that in my opinion, the last few lines are referring to Heaney's father's ghost, or soul, not to an apparantly crippled old man.
But that's just my opinion.

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