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They Did Not Expect This

Vernon Scannell

They did not expect this. Being neither wise nor brave 
And wearing only the beauty of youth's season 
They took the first turning quite unquestioningly 
And walked quickly without looking back even once. 

It was of course the wrong turning. First they were nagged 
By a small wind that tugged at their clothing like a dog; 
Then the rain began and there was no shelter anywhere, 
Only the street and the rows of houses stern as soldiers. 

Though the blood chilled, the endearing word burnt the tongue. 
There were no parks or gardens or public houses: 
Midnight settled and the rain paused leaving the city 
Enormous and still like a great sleeping seal. 

At last they found accommodation in a cold 
Furnished room where they quickly learnt to believe in ghosts; 
They had their hope stuffed and put on the mantelpiece 
But found, after a while, that they did not notice it. 

While she spends many hours looking in the bottoms of teacups 
He reads much about association football 
And waits for the marvellous envelope to fall: 
Their eyes are strangers and they rarely speak. 
They did not expect this.

Submitted by Andrew Mayers

Added: 29 Jun 2002 | Last Read: 16 Apr 2021 7:42 AM | Viewed: 9729 times

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