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The Terrible Abstractions

Vernon Scannell

The naked hunter's fist, bunched round his spear, 
Was tight and wet inside with sweat of fear; 
He heard behind him what the hunted hear. 

The silence in the undergrowth crept near; 
Its mischief tickled in his nervous ear 
And he became the prey, the quivering deer. 

The naked hunter feared the threat he knew: 
Being hunted, caught, then slaughtered like a ewe 
By beasts who padded on four legs or two. 

The naked hunter in the bus or queue 
Under his decent wool is frightened too 
But not of what his hairy forebear knew. 

The terrible abstractions prowl about 
The compound of his fear and chronic doubt; 
He keeps fires burning boldly all night through, 
But cannot keep the murderous shadows out.

Submitted by Andrew Mayers

Added: 29 Jun 2002 | Last Read: 19 Jan 2019 11:39 PM | Viewed: 3967 times

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