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A Case Of Murder

Vernon Scannell

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Added by: Sulalee
I adore this poem. It is my all time favourite and instilled in me my first real understanding of how not only the words but also the rythm and pace of a poem, and how it is read, are vitally important for the reader in fully grasping what the poem is telling us.
Added by: Andrew Judge
I once met the poet, who read this poem to us and told us that it had resulted from a conversation he had had in a pub. A man there had told him that the previous evening, when he and his wife had got home, they had been met by their son who confessed that he had accidentally killed the cat.
Brutal humanity
Added by: Proffessor Scott Summers
This poem clearly conveys the thought that the boy deems himself to be superior to the cat, as the cat cannot strike back. The boy does not think twice about attacking it, even though quick thoughts of anxiety and anger are running through his head.
A case of Murder
Added by: Alanna Petrie
A craftily embroidered literary work that combines interesting word choice and evokative poetry techniques to draw the reader into the passionate hatred felt by the boy. It allows the reader to experience the emotions of the boy and leaves intrigue and a lasting memory- these factors make it my favorite poem
Added by: Georgina Frodsham
In my english lesson, we read this and I was discusted. I hate this poem. Someone in my class actually fainted. Its a very upsetting poem. I am a cat lover (I have one myself) and I just couln't read it.
Added by: Arnold Layne
Someone fainted!? That's great! That's how ya know it works! What an achievement that someone caused the same effects as slicing up eyeballs, but with words instead. Genius
Added by: Eleanor Bowen
This was a very nasty yet intriguing poem. I love cats and was very upset as i read this poem. I did however enjoy this topic with the rest of my classmates.
A Case Of Murder
Added by: Shez
I also remember this peom from an english class I have searched high and low from it and finally found it here by typing in one line i remembered from it... Im not sure why it has stuck with me all these years but it drove me mad enuff to seek it out lol... i just felt it was rather odd media for a teacher to hand out on ones first day of high school i guess!
The Poem
Added by: John Smith
I thought this was an exelent poem and i dont know what Georgina Frodsham is on about, i mean its not even real.
Added by: bec
I hated this poem, its cruel, and wicked, it shows the cruelty of how some people are just because they are bored and dont like something. I found it a horrifing poem to read and i hope other people including "children" are not influenced to distroy animal life!

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