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Visitors' Comments about:

A Case Of Murder

Vernon Scannell

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Added by: Coley
We are doing a critical evaluation of this poem in school. I quite like it but would like to point out that this is not a case of murder but it is a case of manslaughter (or catslaughter this time!)
Added by: Lucy
I am currently studying this poem as my coursework piece in A level english. I believe this piece has a brilliant use of imagery, the idea of a big black cat padding out portrays the boys guilt growing year by year. At first the poem shocked me, now i just really like how it is written.
Added by: Sam Harrison
Great poem. I am studying this as part of my GCSE's and I love some of the aggresive imagery in the decriptions of the boys anger and the cats pain
Added by: Teri
i think this poem is pretty bad because it could influence children to be cruel to animals, plus in some places in this poem it sounds rude "he took the stick and he thrust it in hard and quick in the furry dark"
Added by: stephanie
i found this poem very upsetting but i enjoyed it because it just shows how easy it is to kill an animal even if you dont mean to
Added by: Sarah Peebles
Isn't the whole point of the poem that the boy felt really guilty and the memory of what he did haunted him forever. I don't really think that that is going to persuade kids to kill cats.

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